May 22
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A Story Whirls Into View

My feet spin my bike pedals,
Pushing me along the trail
As stories invade my focus.
My mind swirls,
Colors whirl,
As ideas emerge from the flurry.
Names fill my head,
Plots come into view,
Places teleport into my thoughts.
Climaxes are reached,
Revolutions smoothed out,
Beginnings appear through darkness.
Sentences are said,
Emotions are felt,
And adventures are taken.
Slowly, my mind slows down,
The thoughts relax,
And I start at the beginning.
It starts as an introduction,
Setting up the story,
Reaching the location,
Problems and relationships unfolding,
The pieces thought of before are put together,
The edges first, the filler coming after.
I watch the story unfold,
My fingers itching to write it down.
My feet spin my bike tires
As my mind works
To create a story.