Jan 29
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Myth - The Fleigengeister

It has finally been spotted, and I am proud to say that I was the one to see it. There have been rumors spreading around this part of the country about this mysterious winged creature, and I know have proof that it exists. This monster is the Fleigengeister.
    I remember my parents telling me all about this thing for years and years, and I often couldn’t sleep at night. Recently, I devoted 2 years of my life to living in the woods, and I have found it. It’s hard to explain what it looks like, but I’ll try my best.
    The giant winged creature resembled a pterodactyl, something that has been extinct for millions of years. It has a gigantic pointed head, almost snake like, with large yellow glowing eyes. As you see it, it’s almost as if it is staring through your soul. It’s a dark green in color, most likely to disguise himself and give him a sense of camouflage.
    On its “torso,” two large wings extend from both sides. It’s wing span had to be an easy 18 feet across, but it just didn’t seem real. At the moment, I remembered something from my childhood, the Johnny Quest cartoons. In the opening sequence, it showed this large dinosaur/pterodactyl looking thing. This monster I was seeing came directly from that cartoon.
    Underneath it, there are 2 large, three-toed feet, measuring an easy 36 inches in width and over 50 inches from toe to heel. This lead me to believe that it not only could fly, but it could also walk on land, making it twice as dangerous.
        Ladies and gentleman, I am telling you this in strict confidence as a friend. Don’t do what I did. Don’t go into the woods alone because you will see this thing, and you will not like it.
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