Jan 29


Spoons. Watch every spoon you see. You can never trust them. All those times you thought someone was tapping your back? Spoons. I've had my own encounter. Still have the scars. 

It happened in 2016, I was sitting in my Language Arts classroom, doing a YWP prompt about Love. The description was “They said I shouldn’t love you, but I couldn’t help myself… Why? And what happens next?” I didn't know what to write, so I was most likely playing games on my iPad. I don't know why but I started thinking about spoons. Throughout the rest of the day, the only things I could think about: spoons. When I got home, my house was empty, void of anything living. I went to my room and started on my homework with Panic At The Disco blaring in my ears. I heard something happening downstairs. 

Assuming it was my mom home from work, I shouted, “Hey! Be down in a sec!” I waited a few seconds but never got a response. A little spooked from this, I walked downstairs and looked around to investigate. I headed into the kitchen to grab a knife when I saw it. It stood there, I'm still not sure how it was there. I'm almost positive that it never was fully there, but it definitely was partially there. In its hand it held a spoon. My lucky spoon. Before anything important I did, I would eat a bowl of cereal in the morning with it. It turned around at my noise walking in, and showed me its face. Its hideous face. It was twisted and contorted but closely resembled mine.

“This is my spoon,” It said in a raspy voice, “Get aWAY!” It struck out with the spoon, missing by a few feet, but I still felt a sting on my side as if it had hit. The area that was struck started to sting. I looked down, I was bleeding, and bleeding hard. After being hit two more times, those wounds also bleeding, it left. It finally left, leaving me bleeding for my mom to find.

Trust me, stay away from spoons. If you feel a chill, or a tap on the back, get out of there as soon as possible and consult a medium to help in calming it.
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