At The Cape

A faint white light reflected off the surface of the calm body of water.
The small, cliche lighthouse situated on the ledge of a cliff shone red 
In the presence of the rising sun. 
The only noise that could be heard was a faint cry emmanating from a lone segull 
announcing the coming of a new day.
The grass swayed in the presence of a light summer breeze.
Small waves left foamy inprints on the white sand.
Leftover footprints from the hectic day before
were quietly washed away, as the beach prepared for another 
tourist filled afternoon to come. 
Small bubbles of air could just barely be seen 
As underwater residents yawned themselves awake,
Ready to take on a new adventure.
A palpable sense or serenity could always be felt on this side of the Cape,
Offering just the right environment for a painter to take the first stroke of his brush.

Style : Ekphrasis
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