Feb 09
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The Life Of A Chocolate Bar

    I’m sitting on the counter of Ms. Johnson’s kitchen when the door opens. Ms. Johnson slowly opens the door, closes it behind her and walks into the house. Ms. Johnson is a tall young woman who looks like she is in her twenties. I don’t know exactly how old she is though; after all she only bought me.

I am chocolate, with no name, no family, and no place in the world. Heck! I don’t even know what town, state, or country I am in. As you might be able to tell, I am suffering from depression. Luckily it is very mild and not Jonathan’s, my factory roommate’s,  depression where he couldn’t even make sense of the world. I just don’t feel like I have  place yet. Martha, the manager at the factory told me that it is a phase that all chocolate bars go through at their beginning stages of the chocolate  bar cycle, ( I was bought prematurely) and that it will go away soon enough. She told me that once my teenage chocolate bar brains start to develop, my depression will be gone, and once my adult brains that form in my bottom left corner develop I’ll be happy as ever! I sure hope Martha is right.Ms. Johnson walks over to the phone and presses a button. Soon, the phone starts to talk. I don’t have very good hearing because my left ear was damaged during the packaging, and my right ear isn’t 100% perfect either, so I can’t quite make out all of the words. I hear the words “message,” “ 3 p.m.,” and “March.” The phone stops talking after a while, and Ms. Johnson walks somewhere I can’t see. After what seems like forever, there is a knock on the door. Ms. Johnson comes running into the room. She is wearing a long black dress, a shiny silver necklace, and her hair is up in a neat bun. After flattening her dress, Ms. Johnson opens the door with a smile on her face. A man wearing a fancy grey suit, walks in holding  a bouquet of flowers. This man is tall, he has broad shoulders, and slicked back hair. I don’t have a good feeling about this guy. He hands her the flowers, and they both walk into the kitchen. Suddenly, I’m right in front of the man’s face! Ahh! He takes a bite of me right on my right ear. Ouch! He could’ve bitten me somewhere else! I mean seriously, on my one good ear?! I knew I couldn’t trust this guy!