Jun 25

Spring Time

Springtime is light,
and the longer days, and the sound of birds outside my window
reveling in the smooth breeze,
and landing on the apple branches.
The branches touch the sky, and I climb the branches
to feel the sun on my hands and face
I'd forgotten what the sun felt like on the back of my neck. It's good to remember.

Springtime is to forget
the harshness of winter; death, doubt, cold, despair, indecisiveness in the face of challenges.
Worries made me helpless, but Spring brings hope and meaning to life.
So, I'll banish all the worries I can spare (which is most)
down into the snowbank, where they will melt away.

Springtime is laughter
while stomping in the snow and chasing each other,
and then curling up on the one dry patch of grass.
The warm ground embraces me, and the sound of melting snow lulls me to sleep.

Springtime is the return of life
of joy, and a carefree step, and a smile; to learn to smile again, and rediscover how
to live in the moment and as if this day was the last. Or the first.
I am reminded to live slower, deeper, more fully and with all my senses,
and to be happy as I welcome the spring.