Feb 15
poem 0 comments challenge: Seuss

Seuss on the Loose

If you are alone, at home, and extremely bored

And you think that you just might go out of your gourd,

I, Fred the pufffluff, have the solution for you

Let's do a dance to the good ole kazoo!

There's a hop and a step and a spin all around

With a jump and a leap 'til you fall on the ground

Oh, are you tired? No, no wait there's more!

There are so many tricks that I have in store!

We could dance on our feet, or our hands, or our heads

Or our toeses or noses or jump on our beds

But if you're still bored, Oh there's lots more to do

When you are with me, there's no need to feel blue

For the word pufffluff has three Fs in a row!

Now here's a new word that you just did not know

You look pretty tired, I'm sorry, it's true!

I, Dr. Fred, say that you have the flu!

Well, I guess I must run

 The flu is no fun!

And fun is the funnest, the bestest, you know?

For when you have fun, you light up with a glow!

So, see ya, my friends, it was a good day

But I guess that I'd better be off on my way

So long dear friends, I will be back soon

And next time, I'll remember to bring some balloons!