Feb 21
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Past Three

I was headed out the door
    (after all, don't you know it was a quarter after three).
My bags were packed, my head cast low
    of course, there was nothing new to see. 

It's been a while, it has 
  (since when I was young; time flew).
and when a day pushes you passed
    like that day, you know exactly what to do.

Run away from the pain,
     (don't you see that the answer, too?)
Throw away the whole game, the name, the blame
      Our sins and stifles crave to start anew.

Because there is no escape
     (no happily ever - whatever, you know the story).
You can't stop moving, just keep going;
      nothing more boring to the prince - hah! - than "sorry".

Digressing, walking out the door
       (every day, I did the same at three)
But my eyes were caught, a fish on a hook
      and my gaze was dragged away from my feet.

Looking up, how long has it been?
     (since time was a bastard to everyone it knew)
Nothing is clean anymore, I thought 
     that time is something I couldn't tell, not even to you.

Startled, however, like something
      (a something that wasn't exactly a thing....)
shot up from the Earth and wrapped itself
      around my ankle, around the doll's string. 
There were eyes in front of my face
       (one's that were trained actually to see)
but this wasn't the startling thing, in fact,
    because those eyes weren't looking at me. 

They were looking to the horizon
      (as if something were to come, as if)
the Sun would never rise again, just wait
    and see if daylight was something you'd miss.

These eyes, so bright!
     (as if cast from the moon, oh really it's true)
Hypnotized, I was, at the discovery 
     of reflections across the blue.

My soul was relieved
     (from a pointless duty on post)
I breathed a breath of fresh air
       because my lungs were accostomed to poison, first. 

Who are these eyes? 
     (I was too eager, curious, to find)
Whom they belonged to, such a mystery
     The plot was hidden amongst the coils of mind.

Must be my twin, alas
    (my long lost brother, of same descent)
I feel so alive, the presence of a King
    instantly my worries packed up and went.

Good riddance to the pain!
    (and good riddance to the same self that choked on the glue)
my highs have been lows, but now those eyes
    have freed me from my bonds and shackles too.

But no; I never had a twin
      (and my brother has grown, and he was too alike)
me to be anything other than...gosh...
     maybe love at first sight?

Now my heart is spiraling
    (isn't this a horrid thing, old folks?)
Nothing and everything is spinning, oh dear
    on a chandelier three feet above the floor.

Yes, oh dear, you did  saved me 
    (with those eyes that drew me away)
Away from the currents of darkness
     of which past-three victims go to stay.

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