Mar 02

The Teen

People write novels on the enigma that is the teen.
They cannot figure out how these people trapped in the in-between
can exist and function.
Hey, neither can we.

These people analyze teens for all the wrong reasons:
they look at how video games affect our brains
but forget to calculate the amount of hours spent on homework.
I have not played a videogame in years
and yet there is still something caught in my brain that I can’t shake loose.
Can you diagnose that?

They say we’re moody because we don’t get enough exercise
and while it might factor in,
they really should focus on how we’re in the midst of a sort of identity crisis,
just learning of the lies we were told when we were young:
our ancestors slaughtered the native americans by the millions,
the holocaust is not the only genocide that happened in the last 80 years
abolishing slavery was not the real reason the civil war started
our country is founded not on the greatness of explorers
but on the bones of those they deemed unworthy.

They say we need eight hours every night
yet start school early enough so that we get up at six,
give us enough homework so that we’re awake until twelve
give us enough stress so it takes another two hours to fall asleep
and then they wonder why we’re always so tired.

Usually, they just blame it on technology
forgetting how their parents hated them watching so much TV,
forgetting how the previous generation has a hard time understanding
the innovations of the current.

People poke and prod and analyze,
forgetting that we are not simple lab rats,
but are still as smart and self-aware as they,
just too drugged-up under the lies they feed us to fight back.