Jun 25

I Do Not Know Why I Exist

I have lost, everything, I swear to God I have lost everything
Where is the ambition, the motivation, the drive ?
I do not know why I exist any more
If not to consume space better occupied by someone of worth
What is my life ?
How flippant of me to enquire such questions
How odd of me not to know
As if we are all born with a notion of our future
Like it is in fact set in stone
I do not know what I am doing
But I know I did not choose this
Yet I feel like it is much too late now
To change my mind again
God I am going to be a disappointment
Like they never expected that of me
I am supposed to do business
Without the meltdown and social casualties
I thought I had so much time
How silly of me to believe the world would wait
And I sit around like I had always intended
I had hopes and dreams
But they meant nothing to society
Like they were somehow more rubbish
than anyone else's
And now I have no idea where to go
or how to get there or where to turn
But I hate economics and I don't think I want to go to school any more
What a drop-out attitude I have been burdened with
How can I tell the truth ?
When everyone expects 4 years and nine-to-fives
And I just want to be like Blink
And get the hell out of this town
I do not know what I am doing
I swear to God I am freaking out
I do not want to do this
I do not know why I exist
I do not know why I exist
I do not know why I exist

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