Jun 25

Monkey House Tweaks


I thought it would be worthwhile to jot down the changes to be made here.

Desired features:

In-site search
Six word stories
Chat, in some capacity
Events Calendar
Relational sidebars -- This is a big project and one that is important to look, feel of site, ie., when you click on content, related content is shown to the right. GG is working on it.
A full profile page like the one on the old site, including who visited recently
SPROUT a story option -- this will be coming
Direct record -- install it only if it works well (as in perfectly)


Fixes, bugs:

Dashboard -- was replaced with a new configuration

New dashboard needs to be checked, specifically to what happens with Add a block; it appears it lists all that are on the page but no others.
my dashboard link on profile page

Editing comments
Genre -- "Add value" instead of more precise wording
Annotations -- You can annotate anything ...
Ideaboard -- not enough space between status update and other statuses

Ideaboard media -- images, sound work BUT we at YWP encountered a problem in Firefox -- did not respect boundaries of space. CSS is set to shrink photo to fit space, but Firefox not respecting that -- at least some versions of Firefox -- needs thorough checking in all browsers ... integrate with imagecache, panels?

Paste -- It seems the functionality of stripping code from paste is not working. Should take it down to plain text/line breaks so that any weird code is stripped out. This does not seem to be happening. (Clear formatting option?)
Column widths on sidebar photos/audio not being respected -- again, the size is supposed to "fit in space dimensions" but doesn't. Perhaps this is significant enough to switch to different method of handling blocks ..
audio player -- seems big and clunky and non responsive to CSS; find another? adapt this one?
Profile: emails and parent first name are still visible; they should not be visible.
Love notifications -- not happening. Re-set functionality.
Header/subject field in comments. should be restored.



what's with the lower case headers? or, some like Capitals!
liked the recent posts block on right sidebar
make it clearer how to UN-publish stories or not publish...yet
a little difficult and confusing to know how to get back to your own content
more text editing features -- font and color (NOTE: This is worth further discussion. While it is a nice user feature and we like to give users more control, the site ends up looking pretty wonky with very different fonts, font sizes and colors.
New paragraph does not behave properly --- when one hits enter to begin a new line, the spacing automatically defaults to 8-point new paragraph as opposed to 0-point new line.