Mar 16
essay 0 comments challenge: Supreme

I am an adult. But don't hold it against me.

For 33 years, I was a journalist. And one of my passions was politics. I covered politics. I interviewed several Presidential wanna-be's and one man who became President. And I headed up coverage of local, statewide and national elections at various newspapers.

Please don't hold that against me.

I happen to think that elections, politics and the way this country is governed is important. I am a sucker for West Wing because the characters are, well, nice. And idealistic. And trying hard.

I am distressed by the recalcitrance in Congress these days. On both sides. I am distressed that so many problems -- which could actually be resolved by a working government -- are ignored. Global warming? Racial injustice? Poverty? Corporate tax-dodging? Government ineptitude?

I am distressed by the amount of influence Corporations and Big Money have over our lawmaking process. I am distressed by the language of hate in this year's election, yet can also identify with the intense anger and frustration people are feeling.

And now we will watch another spectacle of inaction: The appointment of a new justice to the U.S. Supreme Court. Or, more accurately, the non-appointment of a new justice.

I have to side with President Obama on this one. It is the Senate's responsibility to consider and vote on a nominee submitted by the President of the United States. To not consider it, to not even agree to meet the nominee as part of common courtesy and tradition (which some of the GOP leaders have indicated they will do, or not do, tomorrow) is insulting. The Republican leadership have retreating behind a refrain -- stated first just hours after the announced death of Justice Antonin Scalia -- that the People should have a say in this matter, by having the NEXT president fill the court opening. Bunk. The Republicans are hoping either a) they elect one of their own and can put a conservative on the court or b) that they retain control of the Senate and can stall a Democratic president's nominee.

It all reminds me of recess fights in second grade. "Why won't you let him play?" "I don't want to."

OK. But this is the Supreme Court. This is a foundational part of our government, the one supposedly devoice of politics. Or, at least, somewhat-out-of-the-political-fray.

Let's start a letter writing campaign. Let's let Congress hear from the NEXT GENERATION -- YOU! What do you think?