Mar 19
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Life After Death

Taking a shower is supposed to be a simple daily habit, but this one was different. The last shower that I ever took was before my death. The last shower that I ever took was right before the man took my life. I was going to move the following week, I never got to. The shower didn't end until my mother found my body. The blood had been all washed away, it was your typical shooting-in-a-shower horror story but it was the one that came true for my family. There was no escaping my death, no going around it. I had no last requests, I watched my family suffer over me. If I could take it all back, I would. There is nothing that I love more then my family and I have hurt them in ways that I never even thought of doing, I don't blame the man who killed me. I blame myself for hurting everyone around me, for all my life, the little life that I had.
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