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Give 3 Cheers, and Raise Your Water

I didn’t know what to do for a prank for April Fool’s day. Everyone did the same thing every year, toothpaste oreos, caramel onions, saran wrap on the toilets, and of course the classic blowhorn under the lucky teacher’s desk. I sighed and reached for my math book  that was laying on the table

“What’s wrong Louise?” My best friend Eva asked me.

“ Well, since it was our last year of middle school I wanted to do a prank, but I can’t think of one that know one else has done at least in like, our time in middle school.” I sighed again and my evil math teacher glared at me and pointed to my book, silently telling me to work on the problems he gave us. Then , it was Louise’s turn to sigh.

“I see,” She said, pushing her glasses farther up her nose, “ My sister had the same problem.”

I rolled my eyes, “ Which sister?” I asked, she had five.

“Jane.” She replied, and copied a problem from her book. Little miss goody two shoes, working on her math.

“ What did she do eventually?

“ Nothing,” Eva  said simply, “ She couldn’t think of anything.”

“Eva! Come on! I thought you would give me an idea!” I shouted, and Mr. Grahad gave me another look, silently threatening to give me more work.

“ Sorry,” I whispered to Mr.Grahad, and he just nodded. Eva  tapped her pencil on her calculator, and then wrote a number in her notebook. She was such a math brain, such a nerd.  

“Well, Breanna did a joke when she was in 7th grade.” Eva said, looking at the clock, as if trying to remember. Breanna was her sister, now in college.

“What was it?” I asked desperately.

“Well,” Eva started, leaning in closer to me, so eavesdroppers couldn’t hear, “ You know those squishy red chair’s some of the teachers have? I think Mrs. Jagfed and Ms. Legard have them . Anyway, Breanna took a few cups water, and poured it in the chair, and when the teachers sat down their butts got all wet!” She giggled into her hand.

“That’s all?” I ask, mouth wide open, “ I thought she did something like stuck pictures of herself all over the school or something.”

“It was just an idea.” Louise said a bit snotty. “ Why don’t you do the picture thing?”

“Because silly, I don’t want them to call my parents and get expelled.” I doodled on the corner of my paper. Then , the bell rang, and everyone gathered their books, and began to leave.

“Well, I can’t help you.” Eva  said, and got her books. “ See ya,” She said and left, the next class I would see her was French.

No ideas popped in my head, and the next morning was April Fool’s day. The whole day was full of tricks, and I did nothing. But At recess I snuck inside into Mrs. Legda’s room, with a cup of water and poured it in her chair, it was one of those squishy ones. I stepped back, you couldn’t even tell  there was water in it. I went outside, and when it was time to come in, I rushed to Mrs.Legda’s class, and waited for her to come inside. Then , Mrs.Legda came in and put down the folder she was carrying, and then she down in her chair, and she yelled and jumped up, and she grabbed her butt and turned around, there was a big stain on her light gray pants. She started to laugh, and the whole class started to laugh too.

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