Daily Challenges: A new idea to explore and create each day. Use sound and photos, too!

The Challenge: "YWP is ..." what?  Finish the sentence. Tell us how YWP has affected you; talk about a comment you've gotten or of getting published or of having a civil space to create. Tell us how you felt when you posted your first piece. Tell us what works and what doesn't.  Take seven minutes, and tell us: 
  • something unexpected that happened here, or that you noticed here, at youngwritersproject.org,
  • or, a YWP moment that changed your perception in some way -- of yourself, of others, of some topic,
  • or, something you gained from getting comments, being published or connecting with other writers.
THANKS! Your stories help us understand the community and make it stronger and help others understand why they should join or support YWP!

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