Apr 07
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Philadephia Chase

I had slipped under the gate and ran out of a bush to find a small port. I disided to find out my surroundings because i never been here before. i was locked up in a house to work for six years but that doesn't matter now. I just have to excaped the gaurds. I explore the town and find a market. My stumach had grould time to find some food. I find a food cart and I must find a way to steal the food but first I have to try asking. I asked the worker but he said no so I grabbed a hand full of grapes. Im now running again from both gaurds and and the angry worker. So I desided to run into the forest near by. The gaurds started to search the forest and they found me. I ran back into a town and turned a corner. Someone has yanked me into there hause they said its ok now I wont let them get you.
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