Jun 25
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Lazy Zookeeper

I wish to teach a totterboar
How to mop up all of my floors
He'll clean up dirt and mud
And get rid of nasty crud
That I track in through the door.

I also aspire to educate an aphilteen
In how to operate my washing mahine
She'll separate my reds and whites
And keep their colors looking bright,
Putting them away once clean.

Ooh! And I could make the zoomertombs
Scrub down the little lady's room
Magic Eraser in hand
They will rid the land
Of everyone's stinky-boom-booms.

And further, I strive to instruct nifferknates
On how to clean my dirty plates
They'll wash my dishes
Those good little fishes
Never AGAIN will I endure such a strait.

I dream about this spectacular cleaning zoo
I wish to tell creatures what do to
And I'd be so glad
If only I had
A creature to train them, too...

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