May 03
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One Minute Too Late

My mind is racing as I wake up. I can't separate fact from fiction after seeing the thrilling saga that just played in the back of my head. This is one of those things you only hear about, having a dream of some fire that is really happening, or in my case, a little sister going missing. Normally I wouldn't be concerned but the fact that it's 8:37 and I wasn't woken up by Riley trampling all over the house already scares me. I throw the blanket off of me and quickly change into something remotely acceptable to go outside in in case the need arises. I tiptoe just in case I'm really going insane, so that I don't wake anyone in my house up. But that feeling in my chest is making me uncomfortable. I think I might be right. As I get to Riley’s room I tense up. The door is closed. She is always up at the crack of dawn doing something but I hear nothing from her room. Slowly turning the doorknob, I hear it click and softly push it in. In front of me the light from the window pours into my eyes, but as I step into the room I can clearly see that no one is there. No, no, no. The room is a mess. She isn't there. 
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