May 03
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Yellow's Journey

I know,
That yellow and blue make green,
A perfect mix of colors,
The color of the tall trees, of the grassy ground.
But when that harmonious green becomes ugly,
Dark and foreboding,
The yellow and blue slowly pull apart.
 f a r t h e r,
f  a  r  t  h  e  r ,
f   a   r   t   h   e   r.
The blue goes to the red,
And they make a deep purple,
Perfect enough for royalty.
And they become
                               c   l   o   s   e   r,
                                                   c  l  o  s  e  r  ,
c l o s e r.
Yellow slowly turns mustard,
Wilted like an over-watered sunflower.
But yellow finds white,
And together, they lighten each other up.
White introduces yellow to other, foreign and exotic colors.
Pink, teal, and mauve.
Yellow fits in,
And makes friends with them.
But slowly, she senses that white is blinding her.
And one day, yellow is caught in a whirlwind of confusion,
And she knows that white isn’t as holy as everyone thought she was.
White had betrayed her.
She drifted,
f a r t h e r,
f  a  r  t  h  e  r ,
f   a   r   t   h   e   r
From white.
Alone again,
She finds someone else.
Orange, red, and brown.
They’re welcoming,
And yellow feels at home.
She blends in with them,
Becomes part of the fiery four.
And she thinks to herself,
“This is what home is.”
And I know,
That yellow found a home,
That yellow’s journey was not a waste,
And that yellow is me.

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