May 06
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"Oh gosh, they're back.."

  "Oh gosh, they're back! Everyone quick, go out the back door and go to Melanie's house." I yelled frantically to my friends as my parents pulled into the driveway earlier than expected. I invited a group of friends over to play board games while my parents went to a concert. The one thing my mom had told me not to do while she was gone was to have people over. or I would be grounded. As everyone piled out the back door I rushed around trying to pick up the games scattered across my living room floor. 
"Honey, we're home!"
There were still games everywhere, there is no way I am getting away with this one, but I was certainly going to try anyway. 
"Why do you have Scrabble, Sorry, Clue, Monopoly, and a deck of cards out and all opened, you know you can only play one game at a time and usually you need more than just one person." My mom had a concerned look on her face and her arms folded. 
"Uhhhh, I didn't know what game I wanted to play so I pulled out a few.." Every word that came out of my mouth was a stutter and I knew there was no saving. 
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