May 08
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More Than Anything

I remember every nook and cranny
I remember every pointless conversation
Every stupid memory.
Walking the same road I did
But in an entire different reality
Hundreds of miles down the  same road
But no crazy, stupid you and me.
I'm all alone
I'm trapped in the one place I can call home.

The cracks in the pavement are still there.
The stars are still shining bright
And you can still see the milkyway
In the deep, moonless sky.
And as I wander down memory lane
Tears spring to my eyes.
As I remember all their names.
It hurts so much that I start to cry
Because I remember everything.

I remember all the love we proffessed
I remember all the midnigh adventures.
I remember all the secrets I've kept
I remember sparklers and sunrises
I remember all the nights I never slept
I remember everything we left behind
And I hate to think that it might be all gone
But then I remember that it's not after all.

See all the dumb things we said
All those nights we got bored
And did something stupid.
They're all still there.
And that's one thing we'll never forget
Because we were here.

And we were young
And we were dumb
We had dreams
And they were bigger than us
And that was the one thing
That could pull us apart

But I still remember all of it
I miss all of you
I remember our story
Even when I'm not sure I want to.
I remember our hometown glory.
Yet here I am without you.

It's been a while
I know that things have changed
But I want you to know
Though, it might seem strange,
I miss you all

More than anything.