May 16
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I'll Fight off the World

I'll fight off the world for you, my love.
I'll make everything okay.
​Better than the Heavens up above.
I'm here night and day.

​I'll make everything okay, my friend.
I take your scary night in mine.
​I'm here with you till the end.
​And you will forever be fine.

​I'm here for you, my sister.
Even when others are not.
​Because we are for sure.
​And you are all I've got.

You're all I've got, my Mother.
​Your beautiful self.
​You never hurt her
​And you never let your self be hung on a shelf.

Now it is my time to go.
I gave my life to you.
​Please dont let it show
All the pain I was put through.

​I was used up till the end.
Nobody knew the pain I hid.
But you all will always be my friend.
​I just needed more than a first aid kit