Sep 11

Redacted Poetry--Explanation and Examples

Redacted Poetry, also known as Black Out Poetry, is a fun and creative way to repurpose a piece of writing. All we need to accomplish this lab is a dark writing utensil (black marker works best) and a selection of newspaper clippings. The point of Redacted Poetry is to use the words in the newspaper clipping as your jumping off point.

Simply put, you use the marker to "black out" all of the words that you don't need, and leave only the words that tell your story. When you're finished, the substance of the newspaper article may very well be completely lost. But that's ok. You've given it a new, better meaning.

The way these poems typically work, is that the remaining words (the ones you haven't covered in marker) are read from top to bottom, left to right. This can sometimes make it difficult for writers to break away from the content of the newpaper article. It's helpful to attempt to look at each word as an individual word, and resist the urge to read the article, or to read complete sentences. Search out a word that has some meaning to you, and appears towards the beginning of the article. From there, what words do you see that connect to that main topic? These poems don't have to be grammatical or follow any particular rhyme or rhythm. They are free-flowing and full of interpretation. They really exercise those creativity muscles. You may want to start with a pencil, underlining words you may end up using.

Feel free to snap a picture of your poetry and upload it in your response. You can also type up your poem in your response.