May 24
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Story Gone Wrong

The line to get on the roller coaster wound around the food stands, and arcade games on the Boardwalk. 
“I wonder how long this is gonna take,” my dad muttered.
 “Days,” I replied. The hot summer sun was beating down on my back. When we got in line it was noon, and now it 12:30, and we are nowhere near the beginning of the line. 
“Can we just leave?” I said. 
“No, we have to go on that ride!” my little sister whined. I rolled my eyes, turned around, and started listening to the conversation that the two ladies behind us were having.
 “Oh my gosh were you ok?” one of the ladies said. This immediately caught my attention. 
“Barely,” the other lady replied. “He could of killed me,” she continued. In my head, I was going through all of the things that she could have been talking about. 
“Somebody has to catch that man.” The lady said while shaking her head.  I don't know if it was the fact that I was immensely bored, hot, or annoyed, but I felt like making this day a little bit more interesting. I turned back around to my dad and cried,
 “Dad there's a serial killer in the park, we have to get out of here!” “Stop making up lies, all you want is attention,” my dad scowled. “But really dad, the two ladies in front of us were just talking about it,” I replied. 
“I heard it too daddy!” My little sister screamed. “Are we going to die!” she continued. The two ladies in front of us heard my little sister screeching about getting murdered. 
“What's going on?” Said one of the ladies in front of us.
“My son claims that there is a serial killer in this amusement park.” My dad said with a sarcastic tone. 
“I heard there was a serial killer in the park from you to. You were talking about almost getting killed, and how someone needs to catch the serial killer” I said to the two ladies.
“What? I was talking about reckless driver, not a serial killer.” I turned to my dad and saw the look of annoyance on his face. 
“So we're not going to die?”
“I might if we don't get on this ride soon.” 
“You have to watch what you say, especially if you don't even know what your talking about. That's how rumors start” said my dad said. 
“You know what, I don't think I want to go on this ride anymore. My little sister said.
I rolled my eyes, and thought of another way I could make this boring day a little more interesting. 

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