Jun 09
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By: Hawa Adam, Kiran Waqar, Balkisa Abdikadir, and Lena Ginawi
Singer: Lena Ginawi

♫...These green hills, and silvers waters…♫

The year is over and summer is being readily invited  
I wave goodbye to the shrill school bell and the short cold winter days
I say goodbye to my busy schedules and embrace the unplanned
The adventures
The freedom
Goodbye to the days that brought with them the silent snowfall, the warm hot chocolate and the tongues that they scorched
To the snowflakes that melted on me and my flushed cheeks whenever I came indoors
The snow brings the excited snowboarders and the fall brings the expectant onlookers
But now I’m lying on the green, sweet grass
Looking up with hands behind my head
Trying to find clouds in the spotless sky
The flowers nearby, daisies and black eyed susans
I smell their sugary fragrance from here
*Deep breath*
In the distance is the chatter of Church Street 
I hear the quiet murmur of children running, musicians performing, and laughter
I imagine the smiles, bright and beautiful,
of the children enjoying an ice cream cone on this hot day
Chocolate Waffle Cone melting on their face
With strawberry and vanilla
And don’t forget the sprinkles!
I remember going with my family
I hear the bugs buzzing by with the dragonfly as their leader
They follow perfectly in place, at home in this moment
The fountain sings in the background
The breeze is cool on my face
The trees sway to form the sound of hisssssss  
A college campus. A sunny day. A place to call home.


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