Jun 09
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Good vs. Evil

Good Vs. Evil

By: Kiran Waqar, Hawa Adam, and Balkisa Abdikadir

It’s a Wednesday
Not a special Wednesday or anything
Just a Wednesday
But I can’t seem to figure out what to wear
Well, let’s see I have gym so nothing too fancy
But I do have that presentation
So something a little sophisticated
Maybe even throw on some glasses to look smart
Nah- but it depends on how much time I have
What about the weather?
It’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit, Humidity 31% and wind 3 miles per hour
But with the sun comes the questions
I mean, come to think of it- the questions are almost worse than the heat
Are you hot in that?
Come on take it off
Lemme see your hair
Roll up your sleeves!
Sometimes I wonder, should I even wear it?
By it, I mean the hijab

I mean don’t you want to fit in
Be like the other girls with their long hair flowing

Or do you want to please your Lord
Do you really want to risk Jannah for a summer breeze?
Do you even wear it for the right reasons anyways?
Think about your community - you wouldn’t want to disappoint
Who are you living for, them or you?
What about God?
Just take it off!
Think about it- your insecurities would disappear
The snickers and stares would too! You’d be normal
Maybe that boy you like so much will actually look at you

But what does that say? That he’s interested in your body but not your soul?
Would you rather be eye candy or soul food?
That got me thinking- I am going out to lunch today
So i can’t wear anything that shows my stomach too much
My friends are all going to be enjoying the meat
I’ve wondered before, is the bacon really that good.
My friends always say:
Don’t you wanna try it?
It tastes sooo good
I mean just a bite won’t hurt- will it?

Course not and your friends  are right, it’s real good
Course it will! Your intention is so important! Are these guys really your friends?
If they encourage this what else do they like to do? Clubbing, swearing, sex?
Swearing isn’t even that bad though! What are we in the 6th grade? Everyone does it
The words aren’t even bad if you don’t give them that meaning
I don’t drink, or have sex or go clubbing. I can have these friends and be uneffected
Least I can say I’m not as bad as Noor

Ya, see know you’re getting it! You and me kid- we’ll go places
But don’t you see. You are falling into the worst traps. You are judging them without even having a conversation. You are afraid of the Muslim community leaving you if you aren’t perfect- but what does this say about you?
Yeah- you’re such a hypocrite and you know God hates those. Why even bother practicing or redeeming yourself?

I mean that is a valid point... and it can be so hard sometimes. How many more missed Fajr prayers can God forgive me for?
When am I ever gonna make time to watch some Islamic lectures online or read Quran?

You can always come back to the word of God. He will greet you with open arms. He is most merciful
What’s the point- you’re too far gone.
You still have time. You’re not dead yet
Your heart might as well be. You spend more time on your homework than your heart
You work so hard for the good things! You volunteer! You are kind!
You are nothing. Your volunteer hours are for college admissions not for your Creator. You are a lie. A phony. Give up.
At least you go to the masjid
Yes but before you get there you sit in a car giving your ears over to music 
You are not a hopeless cause. You cannot give up. Your Lord has faith in you. You can do it. Believe. Ask for forgiveness. Oh daughter of Adam, if your sins reached to the sky they would still be forgiven.
I can’t do this anymore. Who knew a fashion choice could be so controversial? The internal struggle is nothing to the external. I am working everyday to become better but you just tell me that I’m a monster. You question me, urging me to let go of what I hold dear. I can't seem to hold on to what I’ve always known and were raised with. I am constantly bombarded not just by the evil and good within me but the world outside telling me that I am not good enough. That my religion is wrong. That I am wrong. Why can’t you just leave me alone.


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