Sep 21
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The power plant continued to belch chemicals into the sky and it seemed to have no end, what was once a beautiful marsh had become ravaged by the forces of industrialism. A marsh that was once inhabited by animals of all kinds had become a home for merely cockroaches and whatever waste the power plant dumped out. A pickup sat in the once beautiful marsh, it had been there for ages to the point where it had developed enough rust that one could no longer guess it’s original color, as if as a slap in the face to mother nature no had bothered to touch it much less remove it from the marsh.

One must wonder if the owners of the powerplant think their motives to be just, or even if they think what they’re doing could hurt no one. The marsh disagrees. The animals disagree. But, nonetheless the power plant continues to belch at a neverending pace. The once beautiful swamp has been consumed by the greed of man and the power of industrialism. It is one of the many many marsh’s that has been consumed, and if we continue to expand at this rate there will be no marsh’s to come back to, but nonetheless the power plant continues it’s constant monotonous production of chemicals at seemingly neverending rate.
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