Aug 28


Dear Fern,
I first encountered you when I was twelve, the same age as you. I immediately connected with you. You seemed to only be noticed by your three year old younger brother, and sometimes it seems I am only noticed by my younger cousins. I know what it is to be the one that is looked over, not necessarily in my family, but in life in general. I didn't really have any talents that set me apart. The only thing that did was my compassion, the thing that allowed you to become friends with Ran, and what made Holden come back for you every time.
You were the second character I cried for. I cried because I knew the pain you felt. I cried because I lost two Aunts and though I may not have had a three year old brother, I had plenty of younger cousins, that no matter how annoying they seem, I couldn't bear to lose any of them. I cried for both your loss and mine. You reinforced the lesson to apriciate everything I have, because I never know when it will be gone.
You also have a dad that is engrossed with work so he never seems to be home. My dad doesn't want to be away from home so much, but he is a farmer, so he doesn't really have a choice. The cows have to be fed.
Thank you Fern, for allowing me to go on your journey. Your story is still my favorite, four years later. It touched me in ways no other book ever did, or has ever done since I first read it. Thank you.

With Love,