Apr 29

YWP's Spring 2023 Appeal

[Art credit: "Cherry Blossoms on the Boston Greenway" by YWP's Amelia Van Driesche, 16, Burlington, VT]
The pandemic, thank goodness, has passed, but for too many of us, the impact is still very real. We have heard from a number of longtime supporters that, while they want to contribute to YWP this year, they simply can't make it work. We understand. As a nonprofit, we have our highs and lows. But we always remain optimistic that things will even out, and that when people are able to donate, they will!

We don't make this request lightly. If you are able to donate today, please click here to go to our DONATE page! We rely on your donations to provide our programs, our publications, and our amazing online community free of charge so every aspiring young writer and artist can be part of it. And we have plans to make the YWP community even more welcoming with an accessible new website that will be launching soon.

Since 2006, YWP has made a difference in so many young lives. One of our writers, Ava Rohrbaugh, 17, of Charlotte, VT, says, "YWP is like a second family! I feel comfortable and confident sharing my poetry, knowing everyone in this beautiful community has the same love for writing and art that I do." 

We could not do this important work without you. We would be so grateful for your support!

Thank you sincerely,

Susan Reid, Executive Director, and the YWP Board
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