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I have been very "into " Tchaikovsky recently (I did that first try!) and I love 'Swan Lake, Op. 20 Act 2: Scene (Moderato)' with all of my heart. What have you all been listening to? I'd love recommendations. Writing has become a prominent part of my life, and I'd like to listen to something that would be fun to listen to while doing that, but also, random great songs that you have listened to is another thing I may or may not be begging you all for.
08/29/2021 - 6:01pm
Some of my absolute favorite classical songs are: "Serenade" by Schubert, "Morning Mood" by Edvard Greig (a great story opener!), and "Rondo alla Turca" by Mozart. Also, if you want to do an awesome fight scene I highly recommend listening to "The Arena" and "Crystallize" by Lindsey Sterling!
08/29/2021 - 7:48pm
I know this is super basic, but for classical music I love Yo Yo Ma. I also found this cool artist, Takenobu. Oooh also balmorea!!!!
08/31/2021 - 1:52pm
I like music from the 1800s- romantic period, such as Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Bruch. But it depends on my mood because I do like Bach and Mozart. For piano, it's Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and Tchaik.
08/31/2021 - 4:08pm
I love Tchaikovsky too! I think his violin concerto and string quartet is really beautiful. I love Widmung by Schumann and it reminds me of some bittersweet moments when I'm writing, or Schubert impromptus and Beethoven romances! And of course I love listening to the duck song.
09/01/2021 - 1:27am
i...haha...i hate classical music...*waits for everyone to get their rage out* and i love the opposite: punk and heavy metallllllll!!! recently i'm obsessing over YONAKA's new album and system of a down, but that's personal preference :) also i've had a strange obsession with Eminem recently idk why lol
09/02/2021 - 2:07pm