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hey so idk where else to put this for advice so i apologize for laying this on you guys lol but my boyfriend came out as transgender FTM last year and now that we're back in person for school, people keep using wrong pronouns and calling him by his dead name and it's really hurting him. do any of you have any advice as for what i can do to make him feel better about himself and life in general?
09/13/2021 - 5:24pm
hey :) its so great that your looking out for him and one of the best things to do is let him know yr there for support, and you value him as a person. This too shall pass and things will get better. Maybe finding support groups/ communities where ppl can relate to his experiences could also bc they can relate. And in the feeling better department it never hurts to plan something fun to do on the weekends with friends like go biking or bowling, attempt baking or watch movies, just as something to look forward too after a long week of school :)
09/15/2021 - 11:40pm
As for names/pronouns from my (my friends) experience sometimes it just takes time for people to remember and make that change in their heads, sometimes their not being rude, they just need a polite reminder until they get it right (at least I did) I had a bold friend who wrote their pronouns on one of those name stickers/piece of paper and pinned it to themselves for a solid two weeks to help :)
09/15/2021 - 11:42pm