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What are you all dressing up as for Halloween?? (if you are—I know some people don't dress up)
10/25/2021 - 6:24pm
I'm going as Donna and the Dynamos (from Mamma Mia) w some of my friends!!
10/26/2021 - 8:35am
omg i love that idea so much charvermont!! my friends and i are all going as some type of frog, but four of us (including me) ended up buying the exact same costume by accident xd
10/27/2021 - 6:59am
I'm probably gonna dress up as a witch to hand out candy!(feeling to old to go trick or treating but handing out candy is still fun)
10/28/2021 - 7:43pm
Oooh those all sound like fun!! Happy Halloween, everyone!!!!!
10/31/2021 - 1:42pm