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*sigh* I just read an two articles on why teenage writing generally is not very good. It was a bit depressing to find I agreed with everything said, not to mention discouraging (despite the fact the article encouraged teens to keep writing). I suppose I knew this before, but I felt oddly exposed afterwards. It's just one of those things where my pride takes a hit, but I'm better for it afterwards. Confidence, pride, and humility are so fickle sometimes.
05/22/2020 - 3:25am
what article was it? i'm interested now. and completely agree with pride and confidence idea you said I hate when people point out something that I know is true but admitting to it is ten times harder.
05/22/2020 - 11:33am
Wow. That was.... eye opening. At points a wanted to punch him and at other points I thought he made a good point. You know what though? That made me want to become a better writer faster, just to prove him wrong! Thank you(author name. Idk what it was) for adding fuel to my fire. I needed that. Now prepare to see an teenage writer write something good.

(I do think it was a little harsh to say our writing "sucked")
05/22/2020 - 12:56pm
I thought so too, but then he linked a short story he wrote in high school that he said was terrible, and I read it and thought it was pretty amazing. So I suppose that goes to show that his definition of what's "good" and what "sucks" is vastly different from my current perspective,
05/22/2020 - 3:30pm
I looked at the's hard to say how I feel about it--it is a little weird because he could be right, and he definitely made true points and was giving advice, but at the same time, it's a little discouraging to hear it said like that. Still, though, you all are really good at writing!
05/22/2020 - 4:31pm