Jan 15


America today. Look at the people, events and issues we are facing now. Draw on inspiration from the life, works and values of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to write, compare, suggest a path forward. Or just rant.
#mlk #voices4change
Oct 22


Martin Luther King Jr. was driven by his beliefs: His religious faith, his belief in the worth of each individual person and his belief in the desperate need for Black people to be treated with equality and respect and given the opportunities they deserved. He also believed in non-violence; he believed that by protesting with strength, persistence and non-violence, his message could not be ignored. As you look at yourself, what internal belief(s) do you have that you think define(s) who you are, what you do and how you conduct yourself? How do you apply that belief in actions and how might you use it to shape your world in the future? #pastchallenge #mlk
Oct 22


Have you ever been in a car that was pulled over by police? What happened? Do you think your appearance--or that of the car or people you were with--affected how you were treated? In what way(s)? Be specific. Use details. If your piece involves other real people, please use pseudonyms. #pastchallenge #mlk
Oct 22


Take a photo of someone in their environment. Friend. Teacher. Family member. Stranger. Ask them "What's the kindest or most respectful thing someone ever did for you?" Submit a photo with a quote from them as a caption. #pastchallenge #mlk
Oct 22


Oct 22


What's happening in America -- or the world -- right now that makes you furious? What about the situation doesn't sit right with you? Explain using words, images and/or sounds. Supplement: Is there anything you can do, big or small, to right the wrong? What will the world look like if you're successful? #pastchallenge #mlk