Aug 26

untitled story part twenty-eight

“Look up,” said Julius as Ella sat boredly in the cart. Although she had only been awake for a few hours, her mind was churning out fragments of ideas. She was in the beginning of devising a plan that was both simple and ingenious. So far, the following was her plan:

    Step 1 - accidentally “knock” the sacks over

    Step 2 - help pick up the pieces

    Step 3 - see what else is inside


    Of course, her current plan had a few holes in it.

    Ella lifted her head and looked around but she saw nothing out of the normal, only grass. Boring grass.

“What Julius?”

    “The sign.”

    She twisted her head so she was looking at the horse's tail swishing back and forth and saw a small wooden sign pointing to the left. Crudely carved into the sign were the words: Valley of Stones. To the right, the path seemed to extend towards a lake in the distance.
Aug 25


It's a little sad
that it took me this long
to realize just how much I loved my town.
Maybe I'm prejudiced—
actually scratch that, I'm definitely prejudiced—
but walking across the bottom of Main Street,
near Sam's and across the street from Shin La,
in the early evening,
looking up at the stonework on the little apartments above
as the gloaming turns it gold
is one of those experiences that simply reassures me.
I've always thought a lot about setting—
tried to pick settings far away for my characters,
trying to pick the right settings,
usually spending more time on settings than I spend on anything else
(not always a good idea),
so it seems surprising that I didn't give so much thought
to my setting.
To my little town.
My bizarre little town,
which organized a parade a long time ago
to celebrate cows
Aug 25

A Life Without Books...

I have no books to read. 
All day, I wandered around wondering what I should do with myself. 
Draw? Check. 
Write? Check. 
Play a little soccer? Check. 
Get my school stuff together? Check.
Move my whole room around? Check. 

Oh, a life without books,
would be torturous. 

Aug 25

Lucky Charms

Whenever you're feeling down
like you want to run and hide and cry
alone in your room
until you have nothing left inside you
until the silver tears streaming down your face
stops coming.

Whenever you feel this way,
have a bowl of Lucky Charms.

It helps. 

Aug 25

Beautiful The Way You Are

Wipe off the layers of foundation
and creams 
covering your skin. 

Swipe the eye shadow 
and the eye liner
and the mascara 
covering your eyes.

Go take a look of yourself. 
Yeah, in your mind, it's probably not pretty. 

But trust me, keep it that way. 
Just be yourself. 
It takes awhile to get used to,
but it's worth it.

I've done it,
and I feel beautiful
the way I am. 

Aug 25

First Day Of School Dread

This yellow swing dress
with the little floral pattern?

Or the navy tunic 
to pair with these gray snakeskin flats?

Or even maybe the ripped jeans 
with that shirt that looks great 
with the scarf 
that complements my eyes?

Do you know why I dread the first day of school so much?
It's not losing sleep.
It's not learning my new schedule.

It's the fact that you have to have that outfit
that sums up what you're going to be like 
for this year.

It has to be perfect. 


Aug 25

Driving Too Fast

Your window was lit up from the inside,
shining light unto the grass of your yard. 

I smiled, because I knew you were there,
doing something. 
Being you.

It only lasted a moment,
since we were driving fast. 

And then it was only the long road ahead of me,
and the feeling passed me. 

Aug 25

untitled story part twenty-seven

After walking for half an hour, Julius found a spot next to the calm, pristine stream to rest away from the prying eyes of villagers nearby. Both he and Ella immediately fell asleep as soon as they sat down.

“Guimo, Piere, please help me out. Martin and his friends don’t believe that we saw a fox. I’ve already described the fox’s bushy tail and he still doesn’t believe me,” said Hagnon, pointing his fork at Martin.

Piere who was sitting several seats down from Hagnon sipped on some ale and nodded.

“Look Martin, I was a little skeptical until I saw it myself. We all know that you are simply jealous that it wasn’t you who saw it.”

Martin slammed his fist on to the table, rattling the utensils around him. “Nonsense! Foxes don’t roam around this part of Aroria.”

“Perhaps it got separated from its family,” suggested Martin’s friend, a short boy with big, round eyes and large ears.
Aug 25


Sitting on the ground outside
Playing with a little white ball of fuzz
Randomly floating through the air
Talking to it
Trying to catch it
Yelling at my dog to stop biting at it
I think I have a floating, white fuzz obsession

Aug 24

So Cute

You're so cute
they say.
Don't ever change
they say.
Don't loose your innocence
they say.

For a while I took it as a
But because of my
they treat me like I'll
like they think I can't
the world and all it's

They mistake my happiness for
They misjudge my optimism for

Just because I choose to see
doesn't mean I'll break at
Just because I'm
doesn't mean I'm

Aug 24

I'm Sorry I Took Your Sandwich

Dear Fiona,
I'm sorry I took your sandwich.
I was only trying to ease
The hunger in my stomach,
And you had ham and cheese.
I apologize profusely.
Now where'd I put my wallet?
Let's buy another sandwich.
Maybe with some olives?
I'll try to make it up to you.
I hope you can forgive me.
Here is your olive sandwich
And the change from your twenty.

Aug 24

After a Soccer Game

My tired and bruised and battered legs rest
in between the two seats in the front of the car. 

My earbuds are flowing music into my head
filling me with the downbeat. 

It's dark, outside and inside. 
The car sways back and forth on the twisted roads
leading me home. 

I smile, because tonight
was a good night. 

Aug 24

I Do My Thinking While Driving

I think
when I drive.

All of these words,
come from time on the road,
time from feeling the wheels turn beneath me. 

Words, turn into poems
and poems turn into stories
and stories turn into a small piece of gold I 
carry around with me
all the time. 

Driving is the place
I can think
where these ideas coming pouring out
into in my hands
into my mouth
and out into the world. 

Aug 24

That Moment

That moment whn you try your hardest
and you get it.
You win.
You raise your hands in victory. 

After all of that training.
All of that sweat, 
all of that running.

I love that moment,
because it makes all of that pain
worth it.  

Aug 24

Pain doesn't last forever

Getting pricked by a needle,
Falling off your bike and scraping your knee,
Getting scratched by your cat,
This sort of pain doesn't last forever
I'm not sure what pain lasts forever
Maybe breaking up with the love of your life,
But usually people get over it and find someone new
Or when a pet dies
You keep them by your heart forever
Maybe when your really old and your partner dies
That pain may never end
BUt, sometimes the signifigant other passes with them
That doesn't sound like pain to me
It sounds like freedom
A way of letting go
So, I have yet to find a pain that lasts forever
Have you?

Aug 24

A Glader I Have Loved (Dear Newt)

Dear One,
How many times have I watched the movies, read the books, and listened to the soundtracks.
So many times.
You were taken from your parents, a best friend, a sister, and a dog.
But I will always be there for you.
I picture myself coming up in the Box and you jump down and extend your hand out to me. A slight smile on you face, and your gentle voice informing me that, "No one's going to hurt you, Love."
I want to know if your best friend was a girl? And who would you say your best friend is in the Glade? Alby, of course. But you and Minho seem to be awfully close. And what about Thomas? He did save your life at first...and then killed you in the end. If I was there to stop it, I would have. But I wasn't. I couldn't even close the book at your death or turn the page to end it all. And when The Death Cure comes out, I won't be able to turn off the screen. Let it go black. Like Thomas's heart falling into that abyss when he pulled the trigger.
Aug 23

At the Risk of Being Slightly Unoriginal, This Needs to Be Said

Dear Hermoine Granger,

I've wanted to write to you since the day I first met you in the Hogwarts Express all those years ago. I've wanted to talk to you, to meet you, to become your friend—because you are already mine. When nobody else is there for me, when nobody understands, you do and you always will. Rereading a favorite book, they say, is like reuniting with an old friend. How true that is for you, Hermione; you live in my bookshelf and I can always count on you, no matter how long we live apart.
Aug 23

I'm Tired

I'm tired of being happy,
no, not being happy,
pretending to be happy.

I'm tired of crying in the car
and then smiling once I get out.
I'm tired of laughing for my friends
when I really want to sob.

I'm normally a genuinely cheerful
person, so I've made myself
a reputation for being joyful,
a reputation the people rely on.

I am everyone's confident
as I keep secrets well
and cheer others up using
my joy, real or otherwise.

But as everyone needs me
to be happy when
everything else is wrong,
I can never be unhappy.

All the other emotions
are in me too
and I'm tired of fighting
to keep them behind
my mask of happiness.

Aug 23

untitled story part twenty-six

Ella walked with Julius as he led his horse into the woods, the lantern casting a meager amount of light.

    “It sure would be nice to have an LED lantern right now,” Ella commented.


    “Oh right.” Ella had the habit of sometimes talking too loudly. “Aren’t you going to ask me what an LED lantern is?”

    Julius did not respond, instead focusing his attention on the ground in front of him. They had been following the path of flattened grass, probably trampled over a thousand times by soldiers stationed by the border, but it ended abruptly, leaving them to forge a path of their own through the woods.

Aug 23

untitled story part twenty-five

“We’re almost there,” Julius called back as Ella sat in the cart throwing stones she had collected earlier to see how far they could go.

“Ooh that went far!” she squealed. “Where?”

“The border. We’re crossing it tonight.”

“You didn’t tell me this Julius.”

“I did. This morning.”

Ella vaguely remembered Julius saying something to her but she assumed it was something unimportant and had tried to go back to sleep before she realized Julius was standing above her waiting for her to move.

“Julius you can’t tell me important stuff when I’m waking up! My brain can’t process complex stuff in the morning.”

“Duly noted,” he replied.
They stopped earlier than usual, when the sun was still higher in the sky although strangely, Ella felt more hungry than usual. She sat on the hard ground, drinking water out of a small jug that Julius had given to her.