Aug 28

With, Without

I don't think I could part with any of it
For what is around me
Is as much a part of me
As what is inside.

I couldn't part with the sunrise or sunset
With the colors of each blade of grass
Tinted with the air of dusk
Or the glistening snow
Or the lake on a windy day
I couldn't bear not to see
Each word on a page
Or the sky.

I couldn't part with melody and harmony
The clicking of the keyboard
Under my eager fingers
Or the sound of laughter
Or my sister's violin
I couldn't bear not to hear
Each note that I play
Or the rain.

I couldn't part with the smell of morning
The taste of fresh peaches
Grass under my feet
A new book's pages
The salt of the ocean
The wind on my skin
Each meal that I eat
Or campfire smoke.

Aug 28
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     The music playing softly in the background, the chirping of birds and frogs,the rush of cars on the highway. One day, they are all gone, the only thing I hear are the vioces inside of my head, the world around me has lost it's sound, o body makes any sense. I tell them they have no sound, the world has no music, they just look at me and open and close their mouths like fish. Everything is still, I can't hear the fire alarm when it rings anymore, can the other students still hear it? I can't wich one of us has lost our sound, me, or the world? I can hear the voices in my head, so this must mean the world has lost it's sound, not me, right? I could hear everything, even the drop of a pin if I tried hard enough. Then that day came, when the world's sound just disappeared, sucked into space, gone forever. How can I bring it back? No one else seems to notice that the sound is gone, so it's up to me I guess, to fix the world. 

Aug 27


AKA a stream of consciousness teenage angst poem that I'm not really sure why I'm writing because I've been in a great mood today

I am not senseless
But sometimes it feels like I am

I am not blind
But sometimes I stare and I can't seem to see
My eyes just won't stay open
Even while my brain keeps rushing past
At high-speed train pace
I can't close them
Because I'll miss too much

I am not deaf
But sometimes I can't hear the music
For hearing the noise
I can't hear words for hearing voices
Too many voices shouting and whispering
And I can't tell the difference anymore
Because I can't hear either one

I should be able to feel
But sometimes I can only rush past
Sometimes everything is just
Another item on my checklist
Serving no purpose but to be completed
Not thought over or enjoyed

I should be able to feel
Aug 23

At the Risk of Being Slightly Unoriginal, This Needs to Be Said

Dear Hermoine Granger,

I've wanted to write to you since the day I first met you in the Hogwarts Express all those years ago. I've wanted to talk to you, to meet you, to become your friend—because you are already mine. When nobody else is there for me, when nobody understands, you do and you always will. Rereading a favorite book, they say, is like reuniting with an old friend. How true that is for you, Hermione; you live in my bookshelf and I can always count on you, no matter how long we live apart.
Aug 23

The world without touch

The world without one sense
Well, let's think about it
People in this world today live without their sense of sight
They live without their sense of hearing
Without their sense of taste and smell
But, I could never imagine what it would be like without the sense of touch
I'm sure some people may not be able to feel things in their fingers
But not as many as the people without the other four
i don't think I would like it very much without touching/feeling
Not being able to feel the fluffiness of your pets fur
Not being able to touch the smooth touch of silk
But there are things like being burned
getting pinched by sharp things,
I could live without that pain

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Jun 16
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Without Sight

What would we ever do without our senses? I think senses are very important which enable us all the view the world in new ways.  Touch, taste, sight, vision, and hearing have made it possible for me to discover what I like and dislike and how I view the world differently from my friends, classmates, teachers and family members.

Its seems as though we sometimes take the little, everyday things for granted. We forget how necessary and absolutely crucial these things can be to us and others. In my life, sight is so important. I feel as though without my sense of sight, I would be very lost and confused, entrusting in other senses to guide me through life. I couldn't imagine not being able to see my parents, friends, and surroundings.
Jun 14

Dear Character

Jun 14

Childhood Wisdom

Jun 14

Future Relics

Jun 14


Jun 14