Jun 30


Make a list of words that could be turned into puns (words with several meanings or words that sound similar but have different meanings.) For instance, ‘olive’ becomes ‘all of,’ or ‘I love.’ Have fun with it. Put your best puns together in a poem. 

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Jun 01

Write awful

Use cliches, mixed metaphors, tense changes, whatever you're not supposed to do when you write an essay.


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Apr 06


Write an appreciation of your favorite food. An ode to eggplant?

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Mar 23

Sound 4 - Surprise

You walk downstairs to make breakfast only to discover the animal in this recording standing in the middle of your kitchen. Write about the chaos that ensues...

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Dec 22

Photo 4 - Married

These two have been married for many years. They’re having a small disagreement today. What’s the conversation they’re having?

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Nov 17


Don’t run with scissors. Don’t chew with your mouth open. Don’t talk to strangers. What is another “don’t” tip that you learned -- and maybe you learned it the hard way? Describe.

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Oct 27


You have developed an odd but somewhat useful superpower. Maybe you have the superpower to never get bug bites, or you have the power to predict traffic jams, or the power to clean your room by blinking three times. What would your odd superpower be?

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Oct 16


Rant about the worst haircut you’ve ever gotten. What did you do about it?

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Oct 06


Your friend dares you to enter the creepy house at the end of the street. You enter, and inside, you find something that you least expected. Tell the story.
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Workshop Description:

You may be one of these people: The person who comes into school on Monday morning and gets you, somehow, out of your funk with a story of some crazy, funny thing that happened over the weekend. Often they'll use facial expressions, body movement, voice to assist in setting the mood and getting you to laugh.

I actually think that we're all funny. We do some really stupid, embarrassing things that are funny on the retelling. And some of the funniest stories we have -- sometimes -- involve calamities we've endured, though they are rarely funny when they happen.

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