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May 04


Take pictures of things that are the color yellow. Make a slideshow. Write an accompanying poem or commentary on the photos.

[YWP Photo Library; Photo by Grace Safford]
May 04


Record the sound of yourself writing. Post the piece you were writing, and your audio clip, to YWP.

[YWP Photo Library; Photo by Shannon Ripp]
Mar 23

Sound 4 - Surprise

You walk downstairs to make breakfast only to discover the animal in this recording standing in the middle of your kitchen. Write about the chaos that ensues...

[YWP Photo Library; Photo by Grace Safford; Sound Credit]

Digital Story -- The Photo/Audio story

(A challenge for this resource: Elder Story)

This is an example of a simple audio photo story. The text is purposely not included so that you can listen to the story while looking closely at the photograph. YWP Founder Geoffrey Gevalt did this story in a relatively short span of time. First, he wrote a short essay about his uncle, Frank Glazer. He read it aloud and then did some editing. Then he decided upon the most important part, read it aloud several times and then recorded it withOUT looking at the text. That way he was able to get a more natural sounding voice.

He then added the music track -- a snippet from a 1968 recording by Frank of a piece by Eric Satie --  using the free (and wonderful) audio editing software, Audacity.  Notice that the playing gives an added depth to the piece. He adjusted the volume so the music did not overwhelm the words.
Audio download:
Jan 19


What gets you really angry? What makes your blood boil? Write a slam poem about it. Record yourself performing it, and post the audio and the writing. 

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Shannon Ripp]
Nov 03


Your character is walking, hands in pockets, when they hear this sound, or they are on a bike speeding past a field. Let this sound and setting inspire your story.

[Photo Credit: Perriscope, Creative Commons License] [Sound Credit: RCA, Freesound]

Oct 06


What is a fear you have that is sure to make people say, “That’s weird.” Write an example of how the fear has played out – or could play out – for you.
[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, Christi Tassie]

Sep 27

Basic Recording Tips

When recording someone, or yourself, there are a few tips that will make your experience go that much smoother.

Smartphone. Yes, they have come a long way baby. Most smartphones now have very strong recording capabilities. Whatever app you prefer make sure it gives you some flexibility -- quality of recording and file format. If possible, choose the highest quality and .wav format so you are saving the most material. The tricky part, always, is how you get the recording into your laptop or desktop for further editing. So do check out and test various apps. (For iPhone users, iTalk is fine and we love Voice Record Pro ($6.99) which has enormous flexibility for recording quality and formats as well as sending, sharing and integrating with other apps.)

Workshop Description:

This Playlist will walk through the steps needed to record, manipulate, and export high quality audio content--all with free software and hardware available on most computers. This is a great place to start if you want to begin playing around with sound--turning your writing into spoken word recordings, adding soundtracks or soundscapes to your work, or learning the basics behind recording a song.

We'll be using a free program called Audacity, but you can use whatever program works for you. There are links in each XP to more detailed tutorials, if you have further questions.

More Info:

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Doug DeMaio
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Hey! I'm Doug, former Young Writers Project Web/Instruction Coordinator. Currently using my writing skills as a digital marketer! Feel free to ask me questions about YWP, writing, or how to use writing to find a fun career!

Workshop Description:

In this Playlist, we'll take the first steps toward using sound in our storytelling. The XPs explore the power that using music and/or voice can have, when utilized in your digital stories. This Playlist is aimed at helping you develop ideas around how and why to use sound. We'll also touch on some principles of voice-over recording and background music. You may want to keep a notepad handy for when an idea strikes you!

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