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Mar 27


Aug 28


     The music playing softly in the background, the chirping of birds and frogs,the rush of cars on the highway. One day, they are all gone, the only thing I hear are the vioces inside of my head, the world around me has lost it's sound, o body makes any sense. I tell them they have no sound, the world has no music, they just look at me and open and close their mouths like fish. Everything is still, I can't hear the fire alarm when it rings anymore, can the other students still hear it? I can't wich one of us has lost our sound, me, or the world? I can hear the voices in my head, so this must mean the world has lost it's sound, not me, right? I could hear everything, even the drop of a pin if I tried hard enough. Then that day came, when the world's sound just disappeared, sucked into space, gone forever. How can I bring it back? No one else seems to notice that the sound is gone, so it's up to me I guess, to fix the world. 

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Jul 12
in Poetry 0 Comments challenge: Me

Call me Ze

I live in borrowed skin
belonging to a girl
in love with dresses and daytime.
She sits in my mind,
dead to all else,
telling me how to pretend.

She has faded fast as
these months have passed,
little more than a murmur
when I need her.

I don’t want to need her.

I don’t want to have replaced her.

She deserved a life,
longer than the short years
She was given:
full of sunshowers and starfire,
cool nights and warm friendships.

She deserved a legacy
greater than the one given to her,
greater than the one trapped in this head
I now inhabit.

She deserved a future.
She gave me her future,
it was stolen from her,
And I am what was left behind.

I will do my best by her,
The girl with kind eyes and a large heart.
I can survive her,
let the world know she was good and true,
show them all that she built me a
solid platform to stand on,
and that she would have wanted me
to be true to who lives
within this body now.

Out of respect to the girl
whose borrowed skin can never be returned
call me ze.

Jul 06
in poem 1 Comment challenge: Reconstruction

Make Your Peace

Tear down the tearers of trees and lives, lives and livelihoods within our own nation. 
Break what has broken and make new what has marred the face of our Earth, the Earth that faces such trials. 
Uproot disregard and reap understanding. 
Plaster all places with newspapers, spreading the news and who knews? of our world. 
Where one ship's shipment spills into a slick, a biological technology is being born to replace it. 
Water for oil, vegetables in vehicles that guzzled gasoline and fossil fuels, fossils 
That are outdated. And on with the day we say No! to delays.
Because today I believe. 
I believe in the love and a treaty and above
All else, that we all have that love and can sign the solution.
I believe that before the world can change, we all must arrange a time and place in our hearts.
Mother Nature is ready, waiting patiently, while we take our time time's a-wasting! 
It all starts with you. 
Jul 04
in poem 0 Comments challenge: Look Around

Dancing Leaves

The leafs quietly whisper to one another
 few dance down spinning, the wind as their dance partners

The trees sing praise and reach into the sky
grasping for the clouds they will never reach.
The bark is rough on my soft skin

The mossy earth smells new,
with the tears of the clouds.
The sky's gift to the world. 

Flowers dot the forest floor with patches of color in the uniformed green. 
small bugs flitter around, somewhat anxiously  
only to fly off again, away from prying eyes.

Birds sing broken melodies
echoing one another's cries.

 A cacophony of engines, people, and the buzz of life drowns out the beauty 
The forest seems to only remain a hidden gem
Hidden from those who are blind enough to just drive by.

The leafs dance down,
accompanied this time by the trees that once reached for the sky. 
Stumps are the only thing that remain.
A reminder of the greatness that once stood there. 
No longer...

Jun 14

Childhood Wisdom

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Ice Fishing

Sep 15

Phone Call

PHONE CALL. Use this sentence in a story. "Nancy had expected this phone call for years. But now she was stunned and her mother sounded bewildered...."
Aug 11

Summer Finale!

Summer Finale: Tell us the best story of your summer. Something that happened that was funny or jolting or powerful but most of all it has to be a story. Use detail. Choose any format, bring in multi-media. Poems, stories, photos, audio, digital stories, videos, songs--all fair game. Let's see what you can do. Tell us your best story of the summer.