May 25

Second Home

May 08
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Underwater I feel like I’m not on earth

It gives you this feeling of water and life

It gives me a second to be away from our loud noisy world

It lets me be in the moment
That feeling that you get nowhere else

Peace and harmony even though you can't hear anything

The water feels safe yet dangerous

It makes me aware and observant
Underwater it's a whole different world

Floating around, in space but on earth

Alone and isolated in a peaceful place

In your own bubble
You can’t talk, hear, smell but you can feel

Feel the water against your skin

See the light moving through the water

Feeling like underwater is where I am meant to be
May 06

Trashcan Man

It was a matter of fact
Something Trashy didn't have 
All he had was a matter of time 
That was running out
Always something of flame
We knew Trashy was to blame 
I guess we never really understood
What he was about 

But his name
Became a game
I remember how we would shout

Come to get rid of the mess of the human race?
Soon you're gonna burn away the town
Are you gonna burn the whole damn world down?"
Young Trashy, Trashy was our clown

"Hey, Trashman
Don't you think it's best you burned off your face?
'Cause we're sick and tired of looking at you cry"
And to this day, I wonder why we felt so big 
When we saw our words leaking out of Trashy's eyes 

It was a matter of love
Something Trashy didn't know
Have I told you all the words we would call him? 
He was a matter of flame
Always hating at the rain 
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Trashcan Man.m4a
May 06


"Maybe I'll drive myself to madness
Spinning in circles
Don't have it figured out just yet"

Unhappiness hangs over my head
Like a cloud of black smoke
It suffocates all light
Slashing the photons with a machete
and sending sparks to the ground

My eyes are dry and full of sand
My hair is wet and also full of sand
And I know that when I leave
The chromatic cleanser of mountains
For the arenaceous islands
There won't be smoke
The air will be clear and alkaline
Yet it will not be easier to breathe

For the miserable and hopeless spirit,
Enraged with the world for no
singular, appropriate reason, shall be there
Her shadow stretching down the pier and into
the jeopardous waters below

When I leave the trees
And arrive on the beach
The brine and the smell of fried food will drift
On the ocean winds

Apr 23


Apr 11
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Family Secrets

“Hi Mom , how are you?”

”I’m good.Can you go get the old books from the basement? Your grandpa wanted them.”

I wonder why Grandpa  wanted the old books. I have never seen him read before. Maybe he wants to add more books to the library.

I go down to the basement . I am trying  to find the box of books, but just as I am looking around I spot the box. On top of the box there is an  ancient notebook. I go to grab it, but just then I hear my mom open the door.

“Hi, Dad . Come in and have a seat.I made banana bread.Do you want some?”Mom  says.

“Yes of course, I want some. Can you pack some for your mother? She loves your banana bread.”

¨It’s grandpa.He’s here for the books.¨
Apr 09

Entries from the Ship that was Unsinkable

10 April, 1912
Greetings from the Titanic!  I am on the loveliest ship to ever sail the ocean.  I had a wonderful time on a vacation to London, and now, I’m on my way home, in New York.  I can’t wait to explore the ship! Oh, Mother is calling me. Goodbye!
Maria Turner-Collins

12 April, 1912
Mar 13

wasted energy, time, and tears

i pour my heart out to you
into a bowl
a sad, soupy attempt at affection

my bowl of rich, veiny, organ is unappealing to you
your nose upturns
its vulgar, vile, absolutely disgusting
you don't want my insides
why would anyone want my insides

pancakes and toast
buttery, golden perfection
like butterfly wings and sandalwood
you shovel tasteless beauty into your mouth
filling your stomach with the same warmth
that lies in my bowl

the full bowl sits on the counter
rotting, bubbling, the way a dead whale
becomes adipose

your plate, once piled high with protein and grain
sits emtpy next to my bowl
it's a beautiful contrast
the full and the barren
the forest and the desert
the ocean and the sky
your stomach and your brain
my heart and my heart
before, after

Mar 12


Mar 09
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It is funny how
Knowledge is its own reward
As well as its price.
Feb 22

Winter Flowers

Feb 08
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Stop, look in the mirror.
Take a good long look,
Do you see her?
In the good old days she was clearer.
Where there were no more worries,
Damn I miss her. 
When there were no more photos for the gram
Or a boy to hold your hand,
Somehow I don't understand how I got here. 
When I had no more second thoughts 
And my beauty wasn't bought,
When I didn't feel so flawed like I do now.
But I'm turning it around,
My feet are on the ground.
My roots are weak but my will is strong.
I'm finding my beauty from the inside out. 

Feb 04
poem 1 comment challenge: 4Photos
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The Tunnel

Far away there is a tunnel full of fears, and full of dreams

Far away there is a tunnel full of hope, and full of wishes

In this tunnel full of fears, and dreams, and hope, and, wishes

There is a light that burns in the night out of sight

And this light is the fears of the fearless

the dreams of the dreamless

the hope of the hopeless

and the wish for the wishless  

Schuyler Hagge
Grade 5
Killington Elementary School
Jan 30

You are still here

Next to my shadow I see yours,
for a second.
We were here,
this beach,
just one year ago.
Feels like yesterday.

You are still here.

I can hear your laugh as gulls screech above.
You always hated the way your laugh sounded.

I can hear your voice,
calling for me,
in the cold spray throwing itself onto the sand.

I can hear you whisper
carried in the wind that whipped our hair into tangles
and left salty spray on our dry lips.

I can feel you next to me,
huddled, snug in each other's arms,
like we were when the sun was just about to go down,
just barely heating our bare, freckled shoulders
and covering the earth with a soft orange-pink glow.

And as the waves draw back,
pulling soft sand out from under my bare feet,
battered from hours of play we'd have here when we refused to wear shoes,
I can feel you slip away.

But yet,
Jan 27
fiction 0 comments challenge: 70°

Fahrenheit, or France

I had just sat down in my seat for literature when I saw her.  70 walked through the door, her long curly hair bouncing slightly as she walked.  Everyone called her 70, for 70 degrees because the perfect, pretty weather matches her.  My pulse quickened a bit as she traveled through the rows of desks. Many eyes stayed attached to her as she passed by.  Her sunny smile gleamed. I was shocked when she plopped her things down on the desk next to me. She smiled and said, “Hi!” in a cheerful tone.  “Er, h-hello,” I mumbled back. “What’s your name?” she asked kindly. “I know you’re in seventh grade, but I don’t know your name.” “James,” I answered.  “James.” She seemed to be tasting my name on her tongue like a new food. She smiled again. “I’m Fahrenheit,” she told me joyfully. “Please, though, call me Francesca.  On second thought, France! It’s the place I want to travel to most.” Her beautiful, unusual dark brown eyes had blue and gray flecks in them, like the sky.
Jan 26


I am not fragile
or brainless
these things I must remind myself of

you know how your lungs start to burn while you're
running and it gets hard to breathe?

that's what it feels like but not in my lungs
it's in my stomach and my back
and a little in my throat

it curls its way up my spine and down my legs and up  
throughout my arteries
hitting every nerve along the way

it glitters and sparks
which draws attention, of course
people stare as the lightning
rips a path under my skin

when it's finished slowly, excruciatingly
electrocuting my body, it lingers in my eyes
purple ropes and wires wrap themselves around me
stinging like rugburn

Jan 24

Truly Alone

It's easy to know when you're alone.
It's easy to know when you're truly alone,
not alone as in nobody's watching.
But alone as in truly alone.
As in nobody there to care,
as in nobody there to remind you you're human.
Nobody to lend you an ear,
nobody to love you and nobody to hear.
It's easy to know when you're alone.
You can feel it deep inside every bone.
You can feel the chasm inside,
yet it's still so easy to hide away.
But no, don't turn around.
No, don't trade your smile for a frown
because someone is waiting for you.
Someone who'll always be true.
Someone is waiting and someone is hoping
to meet you.
So please still be you.

Jan 13

550 Words (I MAY have gone over...)

The wind plays with your hair and makes you want to swirl and fly along with it.
It’s the time when there’s a certain off-silence in the air, and a steady hum is in your ear,
composed of that unique orchestra of nature.
As the sun sets, the most true, vibrant colors paint the sky
and leak their light across the blanket of green spread below you.
As time wears, the colors fade and the vast space above is dimming to a dark blue,
that beauty almost making you forget what you had come for, what you’ve waited for.
The wind is biting a little bit stronger at your face and bare feet now.
Finally, a burst of tiny flecks illuminate the darkness.
You breathe in deeply, and raise your head to find the answers you’ve been waiting for,
written in the stars.
Dec 02

Your Words

Your words make the sun shine brighter
And make the stars fall to earth in petals. 
Your words mean nothing to you
But everything to others. 
Please stay a little longer
So you can speak your mind
For as many hours as need be
And I will always be here
Listening to the honey of your words. 
Nov 20
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Protagonist Demands Change

Hey there!

You've come to read my story. Well. You know what? I'M TIRED OF IT!
I'm tired of being read and read and read! Maybe I want a break for once! You expect me to just deal with people putting their dirty hands on my book without permission? That's rude! I have no idea where their hands have been!
I'm tired of reliving this one story one story! I want new adventures and new endings and new outcomes! That's it! I want to be a Choose Your Own Story book!
I want to live through different events each time someone reads my book! That would be so fun!
I'm going on strike. If you want to be able to read my story then make my book a Choose Your Own Story book.

Your favorite protagonist <3