Mar 10
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Emerald Ash Borer

The ash tree is a very important tree in Vermont’s landscape.  Ash have beautiful diamond-shaped bark patterns and they stand out in a forest due to their tall and straight lines. 

To me, ash trees are iconic. They make the Green Mountains green in the spring and summer, and turn to vivid orange hues in the fall. My dad and I find morel mushrooms growing in the nitrogen-rich soil at the base of our ash trees. They are known for having great, full tops, and bring good value in the timber market. Birds love ash trees because they are high enough to keep away predators, and deer rely on ash trees as they eat the buds off the young tops in the winter. 
May 25

Second Home

May 15
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I count my steps and remind myself to breathe while waiting for you 
I pace back and forth trying to ease my mind 
Then I saw you wearing a red suit and smiling at me
Suddenly pacing didn't seem necessary and the air filled my lungs easily 
You grabbed my hand and started walking then all I could think was 
I felt better with you there 
I felt better because you looked happy 
May 06
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How Can You Measure a Heart?

How can you measure 
the depth of a

How can you measure 

How is it that you
love me?
How is it that one
brazen, broken
conflicted, and graceless
could deserve someone as
unfeigned as you?

How can you measure
Because I have learned to
and lived to
and loved to

How can I measure
what love can do?

May 03
poem 2 comments challenge: Senses

Ode to The Rain

My footsteps gently patter on the sidewalk
But I do not hear them because I have my headphones on.
I pause for a moment, taking off my headphones and they rest around my neck.
I adjust my glasses and look around.
The sky is a solid, pale grey color
Matching the gloominess of the day.
There is not much to look at
Besides the damp trees and the dew-covered grass
And the occasional car going by.
Raindrops softly land on my hoodie.
It is not raining much, but it is still cold and wet.
I pull my hood up and study my surroundings.
Still not much to see.
Not many people are around.
The gloominess has kept them inside.
It truly seems like a sad day.
Everyone is plagued with that little nag in their chest
The feeling of gloominess even if they’re happy.
It’s one of those days that make you feel like you’ve lost your best friend.
For some, that truly is the case.
I see a few cars drive by.
May 03
poem 0 comments challenge: Wordgame


It's sweet rhythm sings merrily in my ear
and I let go of my fears
dancing around
in my own world
where the only thing for all the eye to see 
is my pure joy and happiness
and when that spell is broken
an echo of the precious melody still plays in my head
a forever echo
a lonly ghost
the ghost of my music
which is my gateway out of reality
and into the oblivion

Apr 25
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Are You Leaving?

Why does it always feel
like you are 

I will bathe myself in gold to keep you
learn every language
if it will just let me understand you
but yet it feels as though our continents have shifted
the plates of life beneath us have grinded our hearts
too far

I was always there for you
I cried for you
but who is left to cry
for me?

I am looking into your eyes
and I could reach out and touch your hand
at any instant
but the words spilling out of your lips
no longer make sense to me.

You've put a filter over your face.
Who are you?
What is your name?
Are you happy now?

Why does it always feel 
like you are
leaving- No

I should stop asking questions
I know the answer
know it too well.

I see the door
and now I realize
perhaps I have overstayed my welcome.

Apr 23
poem 0 comments challenge: Royalty

The Queen of the sand

Her hair is a glowing golden sea
her eyes as blue as her ocean home
her ruby red lips have been carved from gemstones
and her delicate skin shaped by the waves
She rules her kingdom with beauty and grace
her sand castles streaching high to the sun
her crown adorned with the pastel seashells of the past
her mythical army of carved sand men and women
stand ready for command
their eyes two heartless black stones
their faces as blank as the moon
they are merciless 
but their Queen is not
So she stands on the balcony of her sand palace
looking out to the ocean
thinking of the clouds and the stars
she is the Sand Queen
Apr 23


Apr 15


“I hate you”
I scream as I run up to my room
I slam the door behind me
“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”
I say the words over and over again
Words are easy to say when you don’t mean them.....
Apr 05
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Finding Home

Where is home?
Is it one place?
Does it have to be one place?
Can anywhere be called home, or can nowhere be called home?
Home is mentioned in casual conversations often. It seems to be a much more complex subject than one might initially think, though. Are people assigned homes based on their language, skin color, worldview, or even types of clothing? If I were to be assigned a homeland, it might be someplace in Europe since that is where the majority of my ancestors came from. But to just say Europe doesn't quite work. For one thing, there are so many countries in Europe. For another thing, I have ancestors from many countries in Europe, so it cannot be that just one of them is my assigned home. 

I have never been to Europe. I cannot very well call a place I've never been, home.
Mar 19


It doesn’t matter how you look,
Nor does it matter what you wear.
Don’t listen to what the people say,
You are all beautiful in a special way.
Need no makeup,
Nor fancy clothes,
True beauty always shows.

Mar 16
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The Morning of the Night

As night falls
And the light subsides
The sky is dark
It has something to hide

I wait staring
Waiting for the light
One star up
The beginning of the night

The lights flicker on
The night is waking up
The moon is shining down
Like a vanilla pudding cup.

Mar 14

From Friends to Enemies

Friends fighting
insults biting
one pretty little lie
that causes a terrible land slide
only one side of the story is right
only one side to choose
when your swept up in a raging storm like this
what do you do?
what do I do?
I don't want to be involved
its not my battle to fight
but those who choose to keep raging on
they forget of what is true and what is right
So I will stand by
becuase there is nothing else to do
spitting fiery lies
my friends are now enemies

Mar 12


Mar 06
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She Slowly Follows

A brie cheese moon smiles down
at my footsteps as I meander away
from my car, too distracted by white
fish swimming in the sky winking
down at me mischievously.

I want them to come pick me up
on their softly scaled backs
and invite me to weave between
them. Cradled in their confidence,
their certainty that all it takes to be
loved is to glow brightly without regret.

Shadows cast by a half woken
moon undulate and squirm past
my heels. The crunch of snow
beneath me the rhythm they dance to.
If I could dance underneath that vast
ocean sky forever, even the fear
of what howls in the shadows
bends beneath the light. Take
me home to where darkness dances
a yin yang with the moon.
Mar 06

do not let them hurt you

This is dedicated to two of my friends, urging them to persist, and fight against all of the injustices that threaten our world.
Do not let them hurt you,
though their words cut like rusted knives
though their eyes bore like daggers.
Do not let them hurt you,
Though the names they call you to sting like needles
and the pains they cause you tear like claws.
Do not let them hurt you,
though their expectations pelt you like stones
though their thoughts beat you like fists.
Do not let them hurt you,
because your family will stand by you with determination
and your friends will stand by you with dignity. 
Do not let them hurt you,
because the only ones they are hurting,
are themselves. 
Mar 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Alone
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My house

As the door shuts the dishes start to dance
Maybe it's just my house by chance
But I do know that the couch is the leader of them all
And when we leave they seem to have a ball

The bookshelf starts to sing
And the books jump and land on the floor with a ping
I'm not sure how this happened to the house
But I know it scares the mouse

The cupboards watch it all
And when they see us drive in they seem to shout a call
Was it a spell from a witch
Is there a way to save them, Is there a hitch

The beds all seem to stand  
But when I try to move my bed he never lend a hand…
I'm not sure what to do,
I could argue with my mom until I was blue

They all don't believe me, they say I have a big imagination but when I walk by the furniture I know I see them wink.
Feb 22

Winter Flowers

Feb 21
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City or Town?

The cars zooming by.
The city.
The towering buildings.
The city.
People rushing to get places.
The city.
Stores with bright signs.
The city.
Streets crisscrossing all over.
The city.
Pigeons flying.
The city...
Small businesses.
The town.
People greeting others on the street.
The town.
Small clubs for a cause.
The town.
Parks with big trees.
The town…
Which one do you choose?