Feb 22

Winter Flowers

Feb 12
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One day, I was walking to school and stepped on a piece of gum. It wouldn't come off, so I was up in a hum. A fly few by, buzzing by my ear, and kids were laughing here and there. I failed my math test. It wasn't the best. Once I got home, I had to rest. Boy, What a bad, bad day.
Feb 07


Life can sometimes go blurry
And you wish there was a pair of glasses
To see clearly.

With feelings in the way of sight
Blurring what lies ahead
Acting as a road block.

When life blurs,
You tend to keep it that way
Not responding to emotions
As they scream for your attention.

As your feelings finally escape
It blurs you once again
But differently.

It's as everything close up blurs
Leaving you in a wave of shock and confusion
But somehow

Life can sometimes go blurry
But remember
There's a pair of glasses somewhere.

Feb 01
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All around me there was orange. I thought I was going for an ordinary walk, but then, all of a sudden, I found myself in this place. The walls were orange, the light was orange, and the ceiling was orange. I cautiously took a few steps forward then walked slowly through the tunnel. The walkway was not orange, it was an ordinary sidewalk. I breathed in and smelled a familiar scent. Citrus perhaps? I brushed the wall of the tunnel with my hand, and at my touch, there was a sound. Not exactly what I would have expected, not the sound of a hand brushing up against a sheetrock or cement wall, and not what might have been thought of as a pretty sound, like a harp or perhaps a harmonica, either. The sound I heard was of a series of PVC pipes - hanging vertically - being bumped into each other and making a hollow plastic-y sound. At first, I was confused. What kind of a tunnel was this? Why did it make this sound? I brushed the wall again.
Feb 01
fiction 5 comments challenge: Elves


the brilliant blue color of the sky stretches out above me, flecked with clouds. The wind whips the bright green leaves around behind me and the sturdy branches that hold me up wobble only the slightest as I crouch above them. The golden sunlight fills the air around me with bright colors. I have lived in the trees all my life, and I have never known anything else but forest. I have known nothing but the sweet bird songs and bitter winters. I have known nothing but the frozen lakes of winter and warm breezes of spring. I have known nothing but the multicolored leaves gracefully fluttering down to greet me. I have known nothing but this forest. I have known nothing but these trees. I have known nothing but these animals. I have known nothing but the wind. I have known nothing but the wild.
Jan 29

The Well

There is a well 
At the end of my road
No one knows 
How deep the water goes
Inside the bottomless well

There are legends and rumors
Of queens and their suitors
And poison black frogs
And magic blue fogs
But I've never believed it
For no one has seen it
Inside the mysterious well

The walls are marble
But the rotting's just partial
And it seems very old
So many stories untold
And callings from under
The murky black waters
Of the 
Jan 24


We are all split into categories
Whether we like it or not
Afraid to enter each other's territories
Afraid we will soon be caught
Defying ourselfs
In different ways
Makes it easy to judge
And believing that we are categorized
Makes us unable to budge
Boys or girls
Black or white
Some of these categories 
Cause a fight
Nice or mean
Cool or outcast
What you see in the present
Isn't telling the past
Smart or dumb
Young or old
Looks aren't telling
The stories untold
So be yourself
Without categories
And let nothing stop you 
From getting your glories
Jan 24



Nothing justifies

You decided to dehumanize

Millions of people trying to become allies

But this implies

That this operation shall soon capsize

And now realize

Mr. President you are telling real lies

You are just as bad as the ones who tried to colonize

Columbus and his men never had real alibis

They were murders and rapists are those the people you want the legalize?

Now I’m here to advize

That instead of deciding to dehumanize

How about you equalize?

Jan 19

That Day

Everything about it is a blur. Sound and smells did not exist. Just a flash. A second when I see it. The happy scene as I call it. A long time ago. Back before we had to leave. Before a lot of things...

We were in a pool this girl and I. We did not know how to swim so those little arm floaties were there, to keep us well above the water. Safe. We are all smiles and chubby cheeks. This girl and I must have been friends. Or it was just childhood magic. Everyone is accepted. No matter what. Well what every it was now it only seems like a dream. Like a fragment of another person's life that I was squashed into. Now it's different you always feel the need to be accepted. And you have to fight for that acceptance. You have to be a person you are not.

This day is another world. A better world, for sure. But not what is now reality.
Jan 18
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What if there was a world

What if there was a world
Beyond that circle of water?
What if there was a world
Where no one ever dares wander?

What if there was a world
Where it only went up and down
But in the end all happiness
Was always soon to be found?
What if there was a world
That streched as far and wide
As your imagination would go
What do you think you would find?
Jan 17
poem 0 comments challenge: Bully

The Bully

I stand
playing basketball
the ball
ing down the court
shes there,
right there,
guarding me.
Shes not supposed to,
but she does anyway.
I say,
arn't you supposed to be there?
guarding the basket?"
She glares and hisses
Mind your own business!"
With a wish of her pulled-up blonde hair,
she shoves me to the ground.
I feel my heart fall too,
cracking and spintering
as it hits the floor.
I stand up,
pretend nothing happened.
I can't do anything about it.

I stand with my friend,
I look behind her,
and the bully is there,
standing behind me,
blue eyes mocking.
I hear her whisper,
just loud enough for me to hear,
"I mean, that's SO imature!"
I know shes talking about me.

Nov 15
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Blackberry Pie

At the top of the hill, are the blackberry bushes. Momma and I use to go up there and pick them until there were none left in sight. We'd go there every other day of the very short season, and get scratches all over our legs. We'd freeze the blackberries so we could make pies all year long. When the time came to actually make pies, we both had the recipe memorized. Now, I couldn't remember it if I tried. Making pies with her were the best days of my life. When I smell a blackberry pie, I am transported. Back to when we'd make pie crust from scratch, and make it perfectly every time. To when she'd let me make the classic knife holes on the top, and always told me it looked good. To putting on the aprons my Grandma made for us, even though we never made a mess. 

This is my recipe for happiness. 
Nov 08


the flames flicker
the scattered
the heat burns
when it touches
my skin
from inside
the fire pit
the shadows dance
their firey figures
cascading off of the 
the Embers crumble
slowly dispersing 
into burnt ashes
the fire burns

Oct 22
poem 0 comments challenge: Run


I am running
running away
from my home
from my family
from my country
my country
was unfair to woman
like me
and I only just
became the woman
I am today
I turned 18 last week
My country 
favored men
over woman
like a dog
eager to please its master
and this dogs master
is my leader
the leader
I am running from
Oct 19
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Mean Makes you Ugly

There's plenty of creatures in Ireland.
But none of them are like me.
Your attitude can getcha damned
But you can't be blamed for being ugly.

I've tried reversing my stepmum's curse.
Everyday, it's just no use.
There's only me that I can blame,
I've no other excuse.

Back when I was a wee young thing,
my stepmum came and said,
"Don't be mean, it makes you ugly."
And I was until the end.

The older I got, the more I was mean.
And I got uglier as I got meaner.
​In addition to this, it also destroyed 
my self esteem and demeanor. 

Young children would scream,
as I walked through the park.
Stray cats would look up and yowl,
and dogs in the streets could never control
their viscious and hateful howl.

Such a creature like me
deserves just what he got.
He's bereft of a friend.
He's bereft of a lot.

So listen to your parents.
Oct 18
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Winter time
Oh dear the winter time
The cold, dry air of the winter time
Yes there's nothing like the winter time
The time when you step out the door and feel the cold hit you like a bulldozer
When you stand outside for four minutes and your toes tingle and go numb
The only time of year you actually want to go to bed at 5:30 when outside your window fades into darkness
Winter is the time you curl up with 5 blankets on your bed so the coldness doesn't sting your nose that peeps up over the blanket
When you don't want to go outside just to get in your car and go somewhere because you shiver the whole time your car warms up
Shivering and shaking the whole time you are outside no matter how long or how many layers of warm clothes you have on
Winter is pretty when the snow covers the ground and you look out your window while the warmth of your fireplace hits your skin
Oct 18
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White angry clouds clatter down on my face,

As the wind swishes my hair and drags my eyelashes,

Up and down,

I feel like I’ve been walking for an entire lifetime,

Or maybe it’s been just a few minutes,

But the pain in my teeth aches,

Feeling the metallic taste of blood rise in my mouth and down the back of my tongue,

My muscles tighten and scream for warmth to return,

Nothings comes until I look,

Up and Down,

Then I see it,

The place I can call,


Trudging my mouse like feet,

Barely wiggling my toes to take frigid steps,

Through the layers of puffy white blankets,

Dragging the plastic orange sled behind me,

Feeling warmth radiating off the windows,

Teeth chattering,

Numbing hands,

Bright red noses,

And the clear crisp smell of frost,
Oct 10
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I put on my blue dress.
blue like my mothers eyes.
it's me.
not just that it look good or it fits.
But it's me it's a part of me.
a part of me that I never want to loose.
A part that I hold close to my heart.
But insted I insit on wearing my red dress
Because 'it's more me". 
But it's not
The light blue
The dazzling one
That will always be here with me 
Is a part of me 
Not the new red one 
That I got from TJMaxx
But the one that I got
From my mother
That she got from her mother
That she had got when she was a little girl
The one that has fit us generation after generation
The one that's me.

Oct 02


She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way.

If you just glanced at her, you could call her ‘just another girl’

But if you looked, really looked

You could see what she wanted to hide,

The weight of her sorrow,

Her confusion,

How when she stood up she winced, as if her memories were dragging her down




Then, she would glance around


Plaster on a smile,

Go about her day.

She was beautiful not in a ‘plastic’ sort of way,

But beautiful because she has survived

And her strength was beautiful.  


(sorry for the lack of posting, i only have time to write during school, but i'll try to post more!)
Sep 20
poem 4 comments challenge: Creature



That’s what they yell at me from across the street.


That’s what they said when they followed me home.


That's what they shout when they punch me in the chest again and again and again.


I am no ‘creature.’

Just a person,

Trying to survive,

In a world where being different must be something to feel ashamed of.

Something to hide.



i hope this isn't horrible! this is my first attempt to write poetry, so i'm very sorry if it sucks :)