Mar 13
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The Carnival

I don’t know where it came from, one day it just appeared. The Carnival is supposed to be a fun experience for all ages but something, survival instincts? Paranoia? At this time I wasn’t sure, all I knew was that overnight the forest around my house was chopped down, flattened and an entire carnival set up shop. A eerie gray fog sat just above the carnival, and the sky was dark with clouds from a quickly approaching storm. I decided to stay inside, for some reason I seriously believed if I ignored it that it would just disappear and things would go back to normal. 

I was awoken to music, quite possibly the loudest, most annoying music I had ever heard. I instantly recognized it, it was carnival music. I checked the time, 2:35 a.m, I had wondered why would anybody be blasting such obnoxious music at this hour,

“Have they not heard of sleep” I thought to myself.
Mar 12
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Just as school was ending for the year, a carnival arrived in town that had never come before. Even though most of us should have been studying for finals the following week, I and nearly everyone I talked to that Friday was planning to go that night. When my friends and I got there, It seemed like it would be a pretty good time. We could see rides the other carnivals didn’t usually have, and people everywhere. After walking a little further into the carnival though, one of my friends pointed out a smell, almost like wet dog that seemed to follow us wherever we went. Throughout the night many other small, strange things came to my attention – the half eaten corn cobs strewn everywhere, an unusual amount of trash across the carnival grounds, and most notably, the low hats and long, bulky coats worn by every ride operator and vendor.
Mar 05
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The End of the Rainbow

The myth children have always been told about the end of the rainbow has always been a lie. The leprechauns, gold, and other treasures that have been believed by many to be at the end of the rainbow is a tumorous growth planted there by humanity. Some people would say there is no end to the rainbow, but that was not a lie, but a common misconception that most “intelligent” humans stand by. I am here to give real knowledge to humans, so they will hopefully stop coming to the wrong conclusions.
Mar 05
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My Invention

     I have a problem. I spend way too long in the morning and at night getting ready. I mean brushing my teeth and washing my face. It just takes too long! When flossing, teeth brushing, mouth-washing, and showering come together, they form a daunting task that can take upwards of fifteen minutes. Half of half of an hour that could be spent doing something productive, like writing for the young writers project. Fortunately I have a solution. I propose an invention that would allow someone to floss, brush their teeth, wash their mouth and face, and shower almost simultaneously.
Mar 04
poem 0 comments challenge: Rainbow
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a magic feeling

walking through the forest,
the sun shining through 
the freshly rain-soaked leaves,

she stumbles upon a spot 
she’s only ever dreamed about.

the end of a rainbow
perched on a new sapling 
that’s growing. 
the colors vibrant as ever.

there’s no gold,
no leprechaun,
but a feeling.

an exuberant feeling
from such an
ethereal sight.

something inside 
of her finally feels
complete that
wasn’t before.

Mar 03
poem 0 comments challenge: Rainbow

What awaits?

For all one knows
There is an end to a rainbow
What lies there is unknown 
A place of mystery

Whatever lies, makes people wonder
Makes people take action and chase it 
Following the colorful aura as if its the answer 
Chasing it like a dream 

What awaits at the end?
Perhaps the grass is a little greener 
Or the sun shines a little brighter
Or perhaps lies a pot of gold with a dancing irish

No one quite knows the answer
That is what makes it more special 
To leave it up to the imagination 
And leave this magic a mystery
Mar 01
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A Choice Up to You and Me

To push forward or stay right where I am.
Right where I am nothing is amiss but nothing will change either.
Goals are attainable but not without effort put forth to achieve them.
Time is tricky but patience plays a big role.
My story doesn't end here nor anytime soon.
I get what I settle for and I’m not quite satisfied yet with where I’m at.
The choice to get up everyday and keep going at it,
The dedication,
The effort, 
The will to keep moving is a choice up to me and applies to you as well.
So what’s it going to be today? 
Start today and you’ll be one step closer in the long run.

Feb 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Me

these daydreams of mine

      I like when the winter air is just the right temperature to make me imagine myself walking through a Victorian castle’s courtyard in the dreary calm just before a bone chilling snow storm, with the natural light filtering through the gray clouds casting the stone building and sky into a bleak pallor. 

      I like when the water in a lake converges over my head, the sun casting the far away surface into a blanket woven of gold sunlight threads. Life is silent in that moment, the whole world a blue haze. There is life in the deep blue darkness below. I can feel their eyes watching me. 

      I like when I can see the Earth teasing me on top of the mountain, telling me See these mountains? These rivers and plains? These are my features. I know they are beautiful because they make me. Can you say the same for yourself? And I sit in silence atop a ridge, thinking of its thought-evoking words. I descend when I have an answer. 
Feb 21
poem 0 comments challenge: Reach
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If Only

If only I could reach a little farther, 
I would reach and feel the clouds. 
I would love the souls that are in despair.
I would go to the places that need my smile, 
And help.

If only I could reach a little further, 
I would visit my loved ones in heaven, 
As they are missed dearly. 

If only I could reach a little further, 
I would reach to the universe to see what else is out there. 
I would overlook the earth, observing it all.
Wishing for peace, love, and happiness for all.

….If only I could reach a little further…

Feb 21
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Save the World

I feel the aching rhythm of my heart,
in sync with all the whirlwinds in my head,
the storm of thoughts colliding, then again,
for no one ever told you life was easy—

Reach out your broken hands to grab the sun—
but if you yearn to much, then you will burn,
so, tears collecting in a shimm'ring lake,
you instead turn your saddened eyes to stars;

Don't let them take the wind beneath your wings
and pull you down from Castles in the Clouds;
though virtues and kindness we are able to teach,
Hope and Innocence are forever gone once lost.

You cry out at the world of so much pain,
condemning all the greed and grief you see,
Yet do not let it break you; you must go
out of the hurricane's Eye and into the storm,

for if you really want the world to change,
you must face all the madness, sadness, pain,
and make it go away, you suff’ring soul,
Feb 17

The Power Of Overthinking

I feel like I’m annoying
And my anxiety makes it worse
Knowing I’m overreacting
Still feeling like it’s a curse
Overanalyzing all the words
That I hear all around
Twisting their every meaning
And hating their every sound
Beating myself up
For all my stupid thoughts
Feeling my head spin
And my stomach tie in knots
Everything seems wrong
Hating myself more
So overwhelmed with emotions
Battling this endless war
Lost with no one to turn to
Dying from within
Feeling so hopeless
Recounting all I’ve sin
Trying to hard to stay calm
And push these thoughts away
Letting the good and bad
All turn to grey
Wanting to just break down
And be done with my own brain
Wishing I was someone else
Who didn’t fight this pain
Feb 16
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Indigenous Language Revitalization (And Why It Should Matter Now More Than Ever)

Indigenous languages have been on the verge of extinction for decades. Through efforts from the government, they have become almost obsolete in modern society. But thanks to resistance and the will to continue tradition, Native people have kept their languages alive against all odds.

Though the percentages of fluent speakers are low in many cases, the number of immersion schools, like Waadookodaading immersion school in Wisconsin, for instance, and also classes being taught to young people around the country, seem to be bringing about a new generation of speakers.

So to any Native person reading this, try and be part of the new wave of speakers. Don’t take the easy route and give up on your language. If you have the means, go out and learn. I can’t say it will be easy, but it will be worth it. The ability to speak your Native language is the ability to see the world as your ancestors did.
Feb 07
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My Expressive Outlet

Many people express themselves through music,
Creating benevolent tunes so soothing to the ears till we feel every aspect of their well-being, their emotions.
Others swirl their tinted wooden brushes onto blank canvases.
Each brushing stroke, an effort made towards a bigger picture.
I find myself expressing my thoughts through the simplicity of writing. 
Writing doesn’t need to be a complicated structure, it can be a few words jotted down and done. 
I’m grateful for the power and ease writing brings to me. 
Whether a pencil is in use or a keyboard,
I let my fingers work away and my mind unleashed,
Expressing my thoughts into words that couldn’t be spoken past my lips.

Feb 07
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Most people are asked the question, “ what are you grateful for” at least once in their life. As for me, I’ve been asked countless times. I’ve come up with many different answers, and come to the conclusion that I’m grateful for so many things that it would be too hard to put them all on paper. One thing I’m especially grateful for, though, is my friends. That’s so unbelievably cliche, I know. But, here’s the thing. Over my short lifetime, I’ve made friends and lost friends. I’ve come across some who weren’t a good fit with me, and some who I don’t deserve because they do so much for me. Now, as a freshman, I can say I have some pretty amazing friends who I’m very lucky happened to stumble into my life. Sure, they’re annoying sometimes, but what's a good friendship without getting annoyed with each other once in a while? The important thing is that I know that they’re always there for me, for the good and the bad, and I’m there for them. 
Feb 06
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    When asked that important question “what are you grateful for?” We all think of our families and our blessed lives. Which is good, we should be grateful for those things, but there is one thing we often take for granted. Our home. No I don’t mean our houses, I mean Earth. We never take the time to appreciate the place we have been given. The yummy foods it provides, the clean air, the rushing water, the beautiful sights, and other resources. It gives us a habitable home that is breathtakingly pretty. It gives us all these things with no charge. We never think to thank our home for everything it gives us. Instead we destroy it. We are killing the place that gives us life. We have taken its resources and used it against itself. We need to realize what we are doing to our home. We need to appreciate its amazing creatures and delicious foods. We need to stop harming the thing that is the source of our existence. I am grateful for our home, you should be too.
Jan 30
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Happy Birthday To Me.

Another birthday, another year around the sun, and another wish. I am awaiting the same thing that happens every year. My mom will ask me what cake I want. I’ll say, “Vanilla with chocolate frosting and chocolate chip crumbles on top”. My special birthday cake order hasn’t changed in eleven years. My family will gather around the dining room table… or maybe sit on the couch if the Celtics game is on. My sister will practically sprint around the house turning out all the lights, and then my parents will proceed to yell at her for running too fast. “You’re shaking the whole house! If you knock it down it’s you who’s gonna pay for it”. My sister will sigh, I will laugh, and then my mom and dad will bring in the cake. I’ll look at the hot wax dripping down the birthday candles to meet the savory chocolate frosting.
Jan 30

The Artist

The artist sits in the middle of the naturally lit room. Paintbrush in hand and canvas on his lap. A small ceramic mug of water sits to his left while a line of colorful paints sits to his right. He wears a spiral tie dye t-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans. His facial expression suggests he’s in pain, but any other artist knows he is just deep in thought. The room is filled with giant windows reaching from ceiling to floor. His canvas displays various blues and whites, matching the sky seen through the windows. He sits on a drop cloth that’s half bunched up. What was once used to keep the floors clean of paint, is now only doing half of its job. Paintbrushes of various size and thickness are scattered all around. The white wall directly behind the artist is blocked by various sized easels displaying his life’s passion. Each painting consists of the beautiful colors of nature.
Jan 26
fiction 0 comments challenge: Wind
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Paperwind plane

Sitting in the same classroom for the fourth time this week. What could be more boring? Today is a fascinating lecture on who knows what. In fact, that notecard the teacher gave me, to write down something I learned, is more interesting than the class. Sketching that one thing that I know how to draw can get boring though. I choose to go for the origami route instead. Not real origami. I’m not that skilled. I’ll stick to a paper airplane. Yeah, a paper airplane. I flip the card over so the wings don’t have the blue stripes on them. Readjusting from my slouched position to leaning over my desk, I begin to fold. Meticulously bending the card to get the creases to stay. Then I find my target. The trashcan across the room. Oh, wait. The recycling bin,or else someone will call me out on putting paper in the trash. I hold my artwork between my index finger and thumb, releasing it just as my wrist flicks forward. Soon, I have no control over its path.

The Wind

The wind,

Such a simple term,

That holds so much power.

It rustles the leaves on the trees,

And flaps the flag back and forth on the poll.

The wind, 

It blows against my face as a walk through the woods,



Just nature and I.

It howls in my ears like a lone wolf as I move along.

Every now and then I mistaken its sounds for creature in the bushes.

Frightened but free.

Just the wind and I.

Jan 24
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Beautiful Silence

There we are, sitting across from each other in the large crowded room and we still seem to make eye contact. Tears rolling down my face and he stares for a moment, wondering what to do. He gives me a concerned look with soft eyes and tense eyebrows and I return a sad half smile to let him know that I’ll live and be alright. He gives me a nod tagged along with a sympathetic smile that conveys his kindness in a way that makes me feel better and stop crying. I silently chuckle and return a smile, letting him know he made my day better. He smiles and gets up from his chair, turns around, walks out, and I never see him again.