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Apr 11

One of the Girls

"With the way she talks she must love attention."
I don't love the attention.
I talk just as much as him
and the next guy
and the guy before him.
God forbid my words roar and rumble
the way others did
and I don't mold myself like clay
to bend over backwards
and break my fragile, hollowed bones
to serve you.

My loud mouth draws in the world around it,
devours the air,
and feeds my vocal cords with oxygen,
Mar 17

Dear Stephen Hawking

Dear Mr. Hawking,
I'm sorry I didn't do this on Wednesday.
You died on Wednesday.
Albert Einsteins birthday,
to be precise.

When the news told us
that you were dead I 
stared at the screen in shock.

How can you not be 
on the earth anymore when 
in the span of my short life,
you always have been.

You were a famous scientist,
teaching us that the laws of physics
were beyond what we really imagined,
Mar 15


when i walk into the library
my body is tense, my fingers sore from scrambling over my keyboard
i find a table, much too central for my liking
and settle in
already feeling irritation take its seat beside me
reminding me of deadlines and long essays waiting to be written

i do not notice the elderly woman 
bending over the shelf of children's books behind my chair 
her hair is stringy and white
knotted in two buns on each side of her head
Mar 14
poem 1 comment challenge: Rain

Notice the Blue Bird

I walk silently watching in the rain
that the sewers and drain pipes can barely contain.
A river flows down the cracked pavement street,
just as memories flood me bittersweet.

Memories surface of the gray puddles in Kentucky,
Splashed by my brother, how unlucky.
Grandma was there to offer us towels and fudge,
and Band-Aids for toes stubbed on rocks that never budged.

Droplets patter on my hooded head.
Mar 14
Riely_Amerosa's picture

The Nature of Thought

The Nature of Thought

By Riely Amerosa
Mar 03

Beach Day

Feb 27

A Hug Every Six Thousand Years

Everything bad that has happened to you
is my fault,
I know.
You've told me so many times.

Every curse word you learned
at school
you screamed into my face.
You know more than I do.

I’m sorry you look
a little different.

The principal told me about
how you got locked in the bathroom,
with the lights off.
I know you hate the dark.
You know that they
don’t care…

Feb 20
H20.hollym's picture

Dreams of Gunshots and Numbers

I woke up this morning;
bits and pieces 
of the vision that played
beneath my eyelids as I slept
fluttered back into my mind.

I saw a church up
in the mountains,
rows and rows of dark wooden pews
lit with candles.

I sat in one with my family
and our family friends.
It was a high school,
and I felt the losses shatter
in my chest as the man
on the podium read their names.

It had not been my siblings,
Feb 10

To Vote, or Not to Vote?

   To vote is to take part in a Democratic system, and to help decide which candidate will be the most beneficial for your nation. But what if neither candidate represents your point of view? Is it still patriotic to vote, even if it means voting for someone you don’t believe in?    
Feb 10


Jan 30

Planting Children

A/N: I wrote this story for the creative writing class I'm taking this semester. I had to base a <1,800 word story based on a specific picture. The final product is 1,781 words long and length was definitely my biggest struggle. How are you supposed to write short stuff?

The concept was simple, the execution, not so much. It was something out of a science fiction movie.
Jan 22


I wish I had known you
Before the darkness crept in,
Before the voices whispered,
Before the demons lurked in every corner.

Kind, compassionate, caring.
All manner of “C” sounds to describe you then.
They describe you now still,
Only changed.
Only not.

It first manifested,
Ceaseless, complex, cacophonic.
Your diary read “I can’t take this,”
And you hit your mother with a wrench,
Or so you thought.
Audio download:
schizo 3.mp3
Jan 05

Art :)

Sorry for the quality, I'm not too good at media/technology stuff. These are just little projects I've done over the years in watercolor, acrylic paint, ink, and oil paint. Hope you enjoy!
Dec 22

I don't want to hear it

"how many
can you fit in a car?"

Can you please not
say that?

Can you not even
think it?

This is stem class
why aren't you paying attention?
(like everyone else)

can you please wait
and check
(with me)
before you make these jokes?

They aren't funny.
(they aren't even a joke)
They are just a way for
you to make fun of people
so that you
"look cool"

Dec 17
poem 4 comments challenge: Banned
Icarus Blackmore's picture

7 Words

Just Turn Away.
Avert your gaze.
Tear out and,
Crumple up the page.

It isn’t there,
If you don’t look.
It’ll disappear if
You just keep yourself unaware.

        You can beat ‘em,
        Even when they’re down
        On the ground.
        Believe they can stand?    
        Then just hit ‘em again.
        It’s not your fault,    
Dec 14

Summer Travels

I took these photos early this year in Washington D.C., Massachussttes and Cape Cod. I inclued the "Unless" photo not because I think its particuarly good or even okay, but because I think it expresses a strong political statment about Global Warming. The photo was taken at the Washington D.C.'s People's March for the Climate in the spring of 2017.
Dec 10

Not Forever

When I was younger,
I did not understand
why I was not allowed outside after dark
or why I couldn't play with knives.

When I was younger,
I could not fathom
why my parents never watched the news around me
Or why I was told to say
no, I don't feel comfortable when you do that.

When I was younger,
I got angry when
I couldn't walk home with my friends.
or go see the new PG13 movie in town.
Nov 27

dancing on a white picket fence

I saw her
when she was
dancing on a white picket fence.

The sunlight dappled her
autumn hair and the freckles on her nose
as she twirled in the breeze.

Closed eyes
while the melody
played on her skin.

Her feet knew the way
like they had been dancing
for a thousand years.

A daisy
flipped behind her left ear
as she swayed, skipped, and jumped.

The world was far away
for her
Nov 20
poem 9 comments challenge: Wonder
H20.hollym's picture

Pink and Blue

I wonder why our boys are told
that they mustn't let their souls slip out,
they remain safe if it is hidden.
It would be an act of horror
if it were to roll down their cheek for all to see.

I wonder why our boys are told
that they should blaze blue or rage red,
as they throw, or catch, or tackle.
The words beautiful should not be uttered
about anything other than a female,
especially not yourself.
Nov 17


My life is a canvas,
The paints of my palette are the experiences and lessons that I have learned,
And my pictures are the events that come with living.
I am the artist.
I'm the only one who can paint my story.

So why do other people feel the need to paint my life for me?
And why do I let them?

This is my masterpiece, why am I letting these amateurs deface it?