Feb 15
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Social media

Social media has taken are world over. Everything Is based around it. It was meant to communicate and share but now it's pretty much all we do. It was made for a good intention but many bad things have happened from it. Thousands of deaths have happened from cyber bullying and it mostly thanks to social media. If we never had it or end are use of it, it could really help us. You really only need call and text to talk to loved ones and friends and maybe in case of an emergency.
Feb 10

Do Your Best

Here it is: my Vermont Writes Day piece, straight from the page at Sound Check. What a wonderful day and a wonderful event! I'm so glad I got to take part in it. Thank you to YWP! 'Twas quite a full day, so perhaps more VT Writes from me soon—but I thought I'd get this out there before the holiday officially ends. Enjoy!

Dearest Child,
Feb 10

I Just Knew

I just knew
Something was different
About me
When I got butterflies when she talked to me
When I went out of my way to be near her 
Just like I had with him the year before
When I obsessed over Ginny just like I obsessed over Cedric

That summer
I just knew
I knew something had changed
That I wasn't like my friends
That my crushes wouldn't be only on boys
That I was like my sister, I would have girlfriends too
Feb 10


Feb 10
fiction 1 comment challenge: Object

Thrift Store

      Staring at the bright neon light-up signs in the shop windows, I slowly made my way down the street. My boots made rhythmic clicks on the hard asphalt. Hurriedly glancing down at my wrist watch I find it has been 3 whole hours since my arrival here in New York City. I've spent those hours wandering the labyrinth-like streets beside Central Park. None of the shops had caught my eye so far so I had walked and walked and walked in continuous circles.
Feb 10


Photo by Zolakoma (Creative Commons).

Write a story or poem inspired by your character(s) discovering a mysterious object in a thrift shop or flea market.

Feb 10


Feb 10


Feb 10


Write from the perspective of an antagonist. How did he or she become the “bad guy” (bully, thief, villain)? What’s the backstory?

Feb 10


Feb 10


Siren sound by May.Cuddlepie (Creative Commons).

What does the sound of a siren make you think of? What is happening? Are they coming for you? Or your character?

Feb 10
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Hello and Welcome!

Feb 10
poem 0 comments challenge: Knew

I Just Knew

I just knew that you wouldn’t be there when I got back
The door left ajar
Peering in
You were gone

I just knew that I couldn’t stay and hear your cry
But I should’ve
Yet, I left and now you’re gone
When would you be back?

I just knew that you didn’t want to wait to leave
But I made you stay anyway
With the door unlocked
The key in sight
But now, you’re not here
Feb 10

This is the World We Live In

This is the world we live in, child... a world of pain, suffering and death... but also a world of love, charity and kindness.
This is a world of democracy... a world where the people fight for what they believe in.
This is a world of good and bad... war and peace... dark and light.
This is a world of hope, where life can be great... no matter what family you are born into. 
This is a world of freedom and dreams... where you can speak your opinion.
Feb 10

Welcome To Our World!


Dear Baby:
Welcome to our world!

You must know a few things before you (officially) enter our life.
Feb 10
poem 0 comments challenge: Lamp

A Family

A lamp flickered on in the house.
Once given to her
From him
With the promise of being radiant.
Now alone it sits in a doddering house.
As gray as web
It’s light
Faded and dimmed to a feeble glint.
It allows a family of two to cope with not being
Able to become,  
A family of three.

Feb 10

A Gem from Vermont Writes Day 2017

This is GG. And here is a post from last year's Vermont Writes Day that caught our funny bone. It was posted at our special Web site for the day vermontwritesday.org (only open for posting on that one day of the year). This post was written by a boy in 6th grade. I loved it because it was real and fresh and true. I don't mind misspellings (you know that) and I suspected there might be more to this boy's misspellings. But I decided that I would do a dramatic reading, so everyone might realize the voice I saw beneath all these misspellings. And I wrote him a note telling him what I did and that I was featuring it on the front page. Later he got in touch with me, as did his parents, to say that he had several learning challenges, including dyslexia. There was a reason for all those misspellings. Further, he said, he'd never had anyone praise his work. Ever. And we made him proud. He even liked the recording though it's my voice, tweaked up in pitch for effect. Enjoy. The author certainly did.  

I do nopt wont to right butt my teacher is making me do it and i hate it a lot so the the story is that it is to cold to go to recess so the school will have inside recess butt we have gim right now but the school is useing the gim so are techer is like howbout we right something on the vermont right website i am stuck riting this i hope recess is done soon so we can play in the gim we will play bombardment in the gim it is a relly fun game but this is takeing for ever and we are stuck here riting this relly dumb thing when we go play in the gim i will take my anger out on my classmates by hiting them in the face hard relly hard relly relly hard like bam hard they will cry hard there is like 2 mintes ontill we go the gim i just askd my teecher so ya this has ben relly boring butt it is omost over thankfully i bet nowon will read this so this is poantlis and i probly spelt this roungh like all the werds butt there is no oto cerect now oi can go0 to the gim. bye
Audio download:
Feb 10
poem 0 comments challenge: Knew
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It's Out

I sat in my room,
Working effortlessly on an assignment.
I was almost done.
Almost satisfied,
Until it hit me hard.
I couldn’t take it.
I became frustrated,
I wanted to cry.
So I did.
I let it go.
Let all of that frustration out.
Tears slipping down my face in my silent,
Candlelit room.
They slipped down onto my cheek,
Then the brim of my mouth,
Then it was over.

Feb 10
fiction 0 comments challenge: Siren
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It was a cold winter morning, I had just woken up from a long lasting slumber. As I awaken I heard something loud, but far. My heart starts to race, where is that noise coming from? Am I in danger? My mind is spinning like a whirlpool. I grabbed my robe and put on my fluffy white slippers and ran down stairs. As I come down the stairs I noticed red bright lights flashing. I slowly walked over to the cold misty window and peeked outside.
Feb 10
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It was a warm sunny day and I was sitting under a tree at the park. I was so happy that the cold,crisp, chilly nights of winter were over and we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted. You could hear everything, the,”Thump” of the basketball dribbling down the court. The,”Ping!” of a soccer ball hitting the crossbar of the goal. The,”Crack!” of the baseball bat, it was all wonderful. Until you get tired and you sit down and see your phone.