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Aug 27
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tried to upload this yesterday but it was all slow and glitchy and I had to give up. 
anyways. some more music, this collection using more or less the same theme throughout? just experimenting a little. it might be awful. 
Aug 26

Flower Memories

Purple velvety petunias
​And waxy orange, red, and pink begonias
With dark green-purple leaves
Remind me of a huge almost empty house
​Clutter and worry amoung good intentions and grandeur
Like dust on purple petals
​And drooping pastel colors amid shiny leaves.

​Sunbeam soaked roses 
Belong to nervousness, curiousity,
Walking under a flower woven arch,
​And meeting tall students
Whose faces are barely in my sight.
Aug 25

My World Finally Broke

We had a soccer scrimmage today,
I'm really thinking about it now. 
Within the first five minutes,
I somehow managed to feel like I've broken my jaw. 
I had the opportunity to sit down,
Just sit down and cry,
Or get a sub at least,
But I didn't,
And I couldn't figure out why. 
I think I know now. 
I think I know now because the world is falling,
And most of the people in it are broken. 
Aug 25

I Still Need You

It may not seem like it,
And and I wouldn't blame you for not seeing it,
You're the only real thing I have left in this world. 
And I don't want it to break beneath my feet,
Or crumble at the seams,
So I need you to try and look harder,
Just a little bit. 
I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't still need you. 

Aug 24

Her, and The Ocean

Gasping for breath, she watched the waves... 
they fell upon the rocks so carelessly, yet, so perfectly. 

She had come to the ocean for a little peace and quiet,
away from the new screaming baby,
and her rambunctious brothers. 

But, she now noticed, it was never completely silent anywhere. 

She closed her eyes and listened.

In the distance she could hear the gulls circling
the fishing boats at the pier,
Aug 24
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To me,
Vermont is Ben and Jerry's ice cream and
mid afternoon walks on Church Street.
Vermont is a place
where everyone is equal,
Vermont is a place where roots grow deep and
the sidewalk ends.
Vermont is past the concrete jungles and
the loud puffing factories,
past the huge skyscrapers and the
loud city streets,
Vermont is where the grass grows green and the
trees grow tall,
and deer lurk in the shadows.
Aug 24

Dreaming You Dreams

I keep having crazy dreams about you,
And they make me feel a little uncomfortable,
But they also make me feel happy. 
In last nights you were crying,
So I comforted you,
Hugged you like you would for me,
Which made you stop,
And then you just...
And so now,
This morning,
I feel just about as confused as ever,
And a little bit angry,
That I can't seem to tell,
What this means about us,
Aug 23
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my head is full of thoughts
and they're exhausting
sometimes too exhausting
to bother vocalizing. 
my mother is frustrated
by my quietness
says that she misses a time when i 
i don't know what to say
whether to be sorry
that i don't currently feel compelled to babble
that my face feels still and quiet
and lighthearted chatter
feels like too much work.
or whether to argue
Aug 23
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eclipse thoughts

it was like watching paint dry
except that it was very special paint
that i knew i would never get to watch dry
ever again--
cosmic paint. 
paint so dangerous
and so awe-inspiring
that i had to look at a projected image
that didn't even resemble the paint itself. 
a once-in-a-lifetime

but when all was said and done
it was still paint. 
and i couldn't figure out
Aug 23
poem 2 comments challenge: Life 2.0

She Dreams A Little

She breaths the air beneath her feet,
And walks down the path of life,
As she holds on as tight as she can,
By a single, dangling, thread.

She grabs the world by its shoulders,
Shaking it,
Making it feel alive,
So she can live only the same.

She holds the hope that the sky will only shine bright,
As she lasso's the sun,
And holds the moon captive,
In the palm of her hands.

She dreams a little dream,
Aug 23


​Mevibra colors and
​Extraganol shapes
Collide in a puzzle piece universe.

The shlooming mosiac
With telescope view
Moves like a hypnotist's pendulum.

Eyes are consumed by this clamattic world
​Ears are shrouded with indifference
To surrounding infinty with it's unaquk asymetry.

Till the trapizoidal brustrokes of sight
Reveal their drading color
Aug 22

It's Over

Gasping for breath,
She watched the waves,
As the salty air choked the inside of her throat,
And the smell of fresh fish stung her nose.
The waves jostled her boat,
And it rocked side to side,
As she held on for dear life,
To the rope of the sail.
The rain poured down hard,
Like hail landing from all angles,
And just like that,
She couldn't take it anymore.
It wasn't the rain,
It wasn't the sea-sickness,
Aug 22

I Woke Up

People fall asleep at night,
In some way, shape, or form.
It may be harder for others,
Me being one of them,
Or it can be as simple as sipping a straw.
Either way,
Most people wake up in the morning,
They do whatever morning people do,
And move on.
You see,
That doesn't happen for me.
I wake up,
As in my eyes open,
But my mind doesn't move on.
All day,
It feels like I am stuck in sleep,
Aug 22
poem 4 comments challenge: Note 2.0
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I spent most of today
Floating up in space
My head in the clouds
My heart in the air
I kissed a solar eclipse
Right on the lips
A secret that only us
And the stars could share
I spent most of tonight
Fighting back my tears
Because after a long day without caring
I'm left with my fears
And I just don't know
How I can live
With the weight of the world
Resting on my shoulders

Aug 21
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i had a thought last night
a thought that made me wonder
whether i'm ever actually
name me a moment
and i can probably mention five or six things
that were on some level 
weighing on my mind
i am an anxious person
i overthink things
and those things never go away. 
i can be happy, 
be amused, 
be sad, 
be any other emotion on that long, 
but relaxed? 
i do not know. 
Aug 21

10,000 Feet Above Sea Level

A fish jumps
in the so-called invisible lake.
It cannot carry the sun back east
but it provides mild entertainment
for the hikers on land
(if you can call granite and gravel "land").
"Fish in this frigid water," muses the father.
The daughter nods,
and watches the rings expand on the water's surface
like years on a tree. 

The banks are still trimmed with snow,
densely packed, surface rippled,
Aug 21

Community is Key

   I'm not really sure if this makes too much sense, for the slight fact that I don't write non-fiction too often. I mean, to me it does because I lived this experience, but I don't know. Therefore, Feedback is deeply appreciated. ( #sos17 )

Aug 20


I've been thinking lately.
Just about you,
I've been trying to figure out what I can compare you to.
That may sound bad,
But let me explain.
My brain has a way of working,
Where I need to compare complex things,
To simple things.
For instance,
Our friendship is complex.
You are a very complex person in general actually.
That's a good thing, though.
It means you are mysterious and unique.
Aug 20
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The PS

We were on a vacation in the countryside. By ‘we’ I mean myself, my mom, my grandma, my dad, and my brother. The cabin was fairly small, and it did not have even a “farmer” garden as I expected: only a boring old backyard. It was a disappointment.