Dec 17

Everyone's Six-Word Stories: COW 2017

Here are all of the Six-Word Stories written collectively by the writers who attended YWP's Celebration of Writing (COW) on November 11th, 2017 at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Burlington.

As I said with the exquisite corpse stories, these make great prompts, so feel free write off of them!

Again, I am including photos with several of the stories. I created another interactive story explorer contraption. Click on those words or find it here:



I truly know nothing at all.
Showing [Snowing?] outside and in my soul.

Everyone's Exquisite Corpse Stories: COW 2017

These are all of the Exquisite Corpse Stories written collectively by the writers who attended YWP's Celebration of Writing (COW) on November 11th, 2017 at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Burlington.

I highly encourage you to use these stories as prompts and finish them or write building off of them.

Because so much is lost in the translation of handwriting to typed text, I have included photographs of several of the stories and created what I call an interactive story explorer contraption. I encourage you to visit it and explore these stories as they are arranged on the paper.
Dec 01

Fall Conference Photos

Many many thanks to lia.chien for her wonderful photos at YWP's Fall Celebration of Writing conference. She definitely captured the energy and spirit of the day.

And thanks to all of you who participated. A great day.

Nov 25

My heart beats so

My heart beats so forcefully
When I write of the poem I wrote
And when the caterpillar takes bites
Out of the juicy leaf.

Do you love me?
And, can God be a sort-of-real thing only when we want?
Or, can bubbles last forever?
Neverpopping --- the way I wish friendship could be.

My memories of you disappear.
Washed down the drain.
The table in front of us melts.
Leaving sadness and sorrow to be best friends.

Form: three four-line stanzas. The first stanza begins with "If," the second with "Then," and the third with "Therefore." (I have taken out the if, then, therefore.) A prompt given by Karin Gottshall at COW2017.
Nov 21

In Love (MadCap: Non-Magnetic Poetry)

Purpose under milk. I'm a kid in love for the longer stegosaurus.


Details (MadCap: Non-Magnetic Poetry)

Sticking talent where stories might embrace details.
Fighting Words
A moment in the sun.
The story of Dandruff.

Nov 21

Silvi (MadCap: Character Bowl)

Silvi, 32, a card shark. Always looking for the hustle.

Tonight, she can be found in the small club downtown, wearing blue stilettoes and an ivory evening dress, a patterned shawl draped over her shoulders and Foofoo sitting on the booth seat next to her.

Her little dog, the kind that fits in a purse, the kind that some people call a "purse rat," his name was Foofoo. Yes. Cringe. But, really, we should feel sorry for Foofoo.

He never understood what this "hustle" was that Silvi was always looking for. She carried him around in her blinged-out, overpriced, leopard print hand bag and ruffled up his little head saying "Foofoo, there's the hustle. I see it. We're almost there..... Mama's gonna her her hustle."
Nov 11

The Child of My Imagination

I fed her a rainbow of fruits and Starbursts and Lucky Charms in the hope she would take those bountiful colors and weave me a new tapestry of life - I bathed her in rosewater and lilac perfume and pink bubble bath wishing her to grow up sweet and strong - I handed her crayons and markers and buckets of fingerpaint dreaming of maps she would draw me to places unknown - I took her to the park where she climbed over swingsets and slides and merri-go-rounds seeing her run free and unburdened by my pains - I tucked her in under rose-patterned sheets, encased her in teddy bear pajamas, reading mountains of fairytales, imagining the tales she could create in her dreams - Too much time did pass and I'm still waiting for her to take flight #cow2017