May 15


Share the best advice you've ever received — or figured out yourself — about performing. [Photo Credit: Beverly Gartland]
May 04


Record the sound of yourself writing. Post the piece you were writing, and your audio clip, to YWP.

[YWP Photo Library; Photo by Shannon Ripp]
Jan 19


What gets you really angry? What makes your blood boil? Write a slam poem about it. Record yourself performing it, and post the audio and the writing. 

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Shannon Ripp]
Oct 20


Editor's Note: We've extended this a week for all of you who haven't gotten your submissions in!

Tell a story about your experience of winter in short descriptive poetry or prose. Be original. Avoid cliches, (please, no hot chocolate, no sleigh bells). The best will be selected for presentation by the Vermont Stage Company at its annual Winter Tales production at FlynnSpace in Burlington in December.

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Grace Safford]
Sep 15


You have just been hired by a big-shot Hollywood producer to write the opening scene of a screenplay of your favorite book. Share it with us. (Remember to include the title of the book.)

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, Erik Short]