Feb 17
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Students Make Change

Editor's note: (video courtesy of Lena Ginawi.) Last week, a group of students went before the Burlington (VT) School Board to ask that they be allowed to fly the Black Lives Matter flag. The School Board voted to honor their request. At 1 p.m. on Monday Feb. 19, the flag was raised and BHS joined Montpelier High School in this action to raise awareness on the importance of studlents of color.

Here is the statement that was presented, written by: H
awa Adam and Balkisa Omar, both members of Muslim Girls Making Change, Eliza Abedi, Binti Malawia, Eli Pine, & the Burlington High School Social Justice Union, including Alexandra Contreras Montesano, Thabitha Moruthane, Nataleigh Noble, Zanevia Wilcox, Sylvia Glosson and Elizabeth Conville.

Dec 08

MGMC -- Women's March

This is a remarkable performance by Muslim Girls Making Change, four slam poets who are part of this community, at the Vermont chapter of the National Women's March on January 23, 2017. MGMC had an audience estimated at 14,000 in front of the Vermont State Capitol.

Sep 19

MGMC -- Johnson State Performance

This is the full performance of Muslim Girls Making Change at Johnson State College on Sept. 12, 2017. A great crowd -- people were sitting on the floor and standing in the back and sides of the venue. Great energy and active listening. And a powerful performance. 

Dec 28

MGMC new video

Jul 24

Huffington Post writes about MGMC

Jun 09
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By: Balkisa Abdikadir, Lena Ginawi, Hawa Adam, and Kiran Waqar

I can’t talk about black liv…
Don’t talk about it
There is an elephant in the room
I can’t talk about gay righ...
Shhhhh don’t talk about it
There is an elephant in the room
I am in my room
Watching video
After video
After video
Black girl talks about black power
White girl talks about feminism
Muslim girl recites the Quran

I want to hear a white person speak up against racism
I want to see a man stand up against rape
I want to witness a Jew preach against islamophobia
Does this even happen?
Why isn’t this happening?

There is an elephant in the room
These problems are too big for one group to handle
One person
One identity to handle
We need you
And you need us
Jun 09
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Balance Beam

Gym class 2009
A young girl steps in to face her biggest fear yet
She thinks to herself
Nothing can hold her back from this kind of success
Can tell her she can’t do it
Can scare her away
Nothing, but the balance beam 
She hops on to it hoping that it would be just as easy for her
as it was for the other kids
She wishes for one single chance to prove to the rest that she could maintain balance
She crosses her fingers that no one would laugh...
Little does she know that with one foot comes the stumbling of another
That we are not all as nimble as jack
That this beam was not made for victory on her part
There never seems to be victory on her part
only obstacles
But she dodges these obstacles
NO, bullets, its matrix
Puts on costumes to make everyone comfortable
it’s white chicks
Doesn’t know how to choose one thing over the other
Twilight, eclipse
Audio download:
Balance Beam.mp3
Apr 25

Meet MGMC: Muslim Girls Making Change


Meet the team that will represent Vermont in the 19th annual Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival this July 2016 in Washington, D.C.! Read all about them by clicking here.
Apr 13

Press Release: Muslim Girls Making Change to represent Vermont in national slam poetry competition

From left to right: Hawa Adam, Lena Ginawi, Kiran Waqar and Balkisa Abdikadir perform their poem "Wake Up, America."

Muslim Girls Making Change to represent Vermont in national slam poetry competition
Mar 25

Wake Up, America


Editor’s note: This piece was written and is performed by Hawa Adam, Lena Ginawi, Kiran Waqar and Balkisa Abdikadir, four high school sophomores from Burlington and South Burlington. They were selected to represent Vermont in the Brave New Voices national poetry slam competition in Washington, D.C. in July 2016.

Wake Up, America

September 11, 2001
Wake up, America, the enemy is here.
The terrorists. The Jihadists. Those A-rabs.
The womanizers. The monsters. Those Bin Ladens.
We are the ones to watch out for,
to surveil, to remove, to attack.

But actually we are
the advocates, the award winners, the bilinguals.