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Join YWP for a free and fun online writing party (also known as a salon – FANCY!) with host Alex Muck TONIGHT! Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020 from 6:30-8 PM. If you haven't signed up yet, do it now! Sign up for your invitation! Be inspired and be supported in your writing!
Sep 13

Creative Writing Workshops :)

Hi everyone,
    For my Girl Scout Gold Award Project (which I think I might've mentioned in an SDJ way back when), I'm conducting a series of creative writing workshops with my local library. I've actually just hosted the first one (journaling) this past Saturday, and I thought I might invite you all as well. It's not quite the same as the fantastic ones Alex holds (because I'm pretty new to this whole presenting thing + they're for specific genres), but I think they're pretty fun. I've found for myself that even if I'm already are very comfortable with the genre, it's also a great way to set aside a period of time to writing.

(Ideally) these workshops will:
- briefly explain each genre of writing,
- provide a safe environment to share,
- give feedback & encouragement,
- & let you express yourself!
May 22

One Word Story

Have you heard of a one word story?  Well, it's easy.  I will choose a word to start, or pick someone else to start.  They pick a word.  Then another person puts down another word, and then another person puts down another word, and so on.  After the week is done I will, or I will pick someone else if they want to volunteer, to record themselves reading the story.  You get one word each, and in the end there will be a huge fantastic story.  If you're interested, join us on Tiny Writes -- where the start of a new one word story will be posted every week!
Apr 03

Thou Art A Genious (Newly Revised, new tittle needed)

Characters: Burkit, prisoner

                    Durwin, prisoner

                    Algernon, prison supervisor 

Setting: A cell in a castle’s dungeon.
At Rise: Burkit and Durwin center stage sitting on a dungeon bench, imprisoned. Downstage is the ‘hallway’ which Algernon walks down. 

(enters, holding clip board and taking notes)
What a beautiful day to examine the might dungeon of our mighty King.
(looking up)
Oh,  I wonder when the ceiling cracked and made a skylight. 

(raising head to speak to ALGERNON. Sarcastic)
When it rains the cracked ceiling makes a lovely shower head.

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Developing a Voice

Whether you are writing a fictional story or an essay, think about the writer's voice as the tone, mood or personality of the text. Below are some descriptive words to identify different types of voice you could choose to show in your writing. Choose one (or several, if you like) and return to the workshop CREATING VOICE to write.

Happiness          Guilt                Gratitude              Surprise

Excitement         Pride                Panic                  Shame

Fear                   Compassion     Embarrassment   Curiosity

Confusion          Arrogance         Empathy             Disappointment

Anger                 Relief                Sympathy            Shock

Boredom            Satisfaction        Hope                  Exhaustion

Jealousy             Love                  Anxiety              Confidence

What is Voice?

Read the following examples of writers and their work which display distinct voices. Find two that you like. Make a list of each voice's characteristics. Focus less on what is being said and more on how it is being said. How are the two different? What would you expect from the story, given the author's voice in these excerpts? Think about what genre it would be in, but also think about what sort of story within that genre. For instance, a story might be in the sci-fi genre, but is it an exciting sci-fi adventure, or a scary sci-fi tale?
  • When you're finished, return to the workshop CREATING VOICE to respond to the challenge to explore your own voice.

Online Workshops & Resources

The Writer's Craft is YWP's treasure chest of online workshops, writing challenges, activities, and resources. Check in here for inspiration! Many, many more to follow. Have fun. Build skills. Connect with YWP friends!


Sep 22

fiona's character deep dive


This is a template for the questionnaire I use when I’m at a stage of revising a project where I already know my characters and narrative fairly well but need to get to the next level. It shouldn’t be used for developing new characters, because it leaves off a lot of things you’ll need to get to know a new character and should know before starting this. Their voice, their attitude, their past, how they act in different scenarios. 

This questionnaire is designed to help you get a fully formed sense of your character as being more than someone who serves your narrative, as someone who was living a life and was a real and complicated human with goals and hobbies even before the story began, and is a combination of analysis and biography. I use it for screenwriting, but it should work for other forms of fiction as well.