Jun 11
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When the government finally addresses white privelage without dissmissing it
when white people understand that they have to be comfortable being uncomfortable
when the president calls off the military against the country's own citizens
when a black woman can sleep in her home without being shot and killed
when a black man can go for a jog and not be shot and killed

when cops listen when a black man says "I can't breathe!"
when instead of 'bad apples" people realize the system has been long corrupted
when the color of your skin doesn't decide whether you live or die

someone says 
what did you do to help?
what will you say.

Jun 11
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How would you feel

If a bully broke your arm
and you went to the doctor and they said 
all limbs matter
while proceeding to poke at the broken bone
how would you feel


Jul 31

Tiny Highlights

Editor's Note: Here are some of the highlighted Tiny Writes published on the front page:

Just finished my bio final, and I feel like this whole year is just dragging down my grades, like next year I start really thinking about my future, and all I've learned this year is how far six feet really feels.I just wish there was an easy answer to helping out all the students struggling the same way I am...
or maybe just an answer in general.
- New Leaf